Good strain for Mainlining

Not new to growing. Any suggestions as a strain that would be good to use for my first attempt at mainling?

The best strains for main-lining display “single cola dominance,” which means that it tends to grow in the class “Christmas tree” shape of Indicas, Afghani strains, Kushes, etc.
Sativa dominant strains often do not grow in this shape, and tend to have lots of secondary branches naturally spring up
Lean towards Indica dominant strains and fit them to your environment


My critical bilbos have responded amazingly well to this. I topped each plant a minimum of 6 times over 2 months. Then let them recover for 2 weeks and lollipoped and flipped to flower. They EXPLODED with growth every single time I topped or defoliat.

I’ve found that yes certain strains do better, but it’s more about what and how you feed them when your pruning. As well as how you prune them.

My general rule of thumb is when you top, do nothing else, pruning wise, for at least 1 week to give the plant time to recover. When I prune the lower stuff, I take the new branches, but leave the large fan leaves under the branch, for at least 3 days, before I remove it.

I always plan my pruning to be on a watering/feeding day.