Getting excited

Yup im getting super stoked! Patience is real thin when im looking at all these kolas😁


Ok so do you harvest at dawn, Or pre dawn, maybe mid day, Or dusk😁 An If im doing a partial harvest do I still go dark for 48 first? I got a couple of gurls that need longer than their sisters. And I think they need another couple of weeks to blossom more. Trichs are not as advanced on some as much as others. Think they all have their “personality” while being similar because of genetics. Sorry I just smoked and started rambling now.

I don’t know? I just harvest in the rain. :sweat_drops:.

But I think you have to pick which is more important to you unless u have 2 tents. Terpenes, or ripening the late bloomers, or just the tops.

The darkness is when the terps build on daily basis, then the sun (lights) weakens them as they evaporate off and degrade from the heat and sun. At night the plant replenishes its terpenes. The extra day dark is supposed to stress it (like bugs, or end of the world) so it’s first immune response is more terpene % and more trichomes production. Since I am outdoor I have no practical experience with that darkness action, I just get the theory.

But if I was you I would maybe just do it dark and harvest the ones you are eyeballing :eyes:. And then give the late bloomers (or lower branches) a couple more days or weeks with 12 or 11 on. Worst case they hermaphrodite a tad but if you are no longer than 10days-2weeks none of those buds will set to seed or degrade. But I would not go a day past 2 weeks or ovums (preseeds) will develop.

They may not herm at all.

What was your grow style method? how long did you veg? looks like sea of green to me… how tall? lol lots of questions great results! soil? organic? veg time? strain?

MG organic dirt, 10gal pots, 90% organic nutes once a week, blackstrap and a little vinegar in water from 4 weeks to 12 weeks, 70-80° 55-70% Rh, started @ 24hr lites for 3 weeks then 20/4 till flip. At flip started at 12/12 then added 30 min dark every 10 days till 9/15 cycle till harvest. Delt with gnats the whole grow. 10 sticky strips and a gnat zapper helped.

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Great job! Surprised on 10 gal… I’m on 3gal and accepting I’m gonna have to get at least a 5 for flower just to give a little more room…

I finally got me a digital microscope… Can get photos real tight now