Getting excited!

I am so thankful to have this forum where I can ask experienced growers! I’m trying so hard to be patient…but this plant really looks like it’s time for harvest…in my inexperienced opinion :slight_smile:

I really want the sativa affect over the indica. Do you think this lady is ready to go??? This is a White Widow auto at 12 weeks.

Thanks again :blue_heart:


I’m in the same situation. Cant wait tho. But be patient. A question from me to the forum. What happens if I wait to long to harvest ?



Still a little too early. If you crop early, you take the chance that the effects will sometimes include racy, paranoia results. Cropping late give a more sedative effect. Cropping on time gives a good body / head effect so the terps of the strain come thorough. WW is a pretty even hybrid of BOTH Sativa and Indica

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  • Negatives
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Both of you - @Kris and @DDDDave - it looks like your plants are at the exact same pace flower wise. I can See Kris lower leaves and they are starting to give up nute to the flowers. Dave, cant see them but the flowers look the same.
This is the point where the buds start to really thicken so at LEAST 2 more weeks. Keep posting pics as we get closer. Be prepared to have a couple days of no water and a couple days of DARK ONLY. Add that on top of 2 weeks and you guys might be spot on …Keep the pics coming


Thank you Mike. When I see the pistils (sp?) turning amber I thought it was getting pretty close. I did just get a tripod for my digital (hand held) microscope so I think that will help me see the trichomes better.

I’m so glad for the experienced opinion because I am getting sooooo anxious! :).

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Pistils starting to turn, leaves starting to turn…these are all signs that winter is coming (for the plant).
Anxious…well, I haven’t found a way to deal with that, not in 50 years. Guess I will just be anxious


Okay Mike…so I have taken in a lot of the great information you have given to me and others… HOWEVER…when I looked at my ladies this morning I just KNEW one was ready before you said they would be.

Just to make sure I took off a leaf a put it under my digital microscope. Guess what?! Once again I learned I am a little grasshopper with much to learn! LOL.

You are totally right. Thank you again for your help & experience :)!

Pics were taken in bright sunlight, so there is some reflection


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Yep, those trikes are clear…The pistils look ready but the trichomes are the determining factor

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Yes! You were so right!! :slight_smile:

Hello Kris, get a magnifying glass that has 120x or a jewelers loop and watch some videos on harvesting by trichomes :+1:. If you want the sativa effects then you’ll want to harvest before any amber or very little amber colored triches are present. Hope this helps :sunglasses::us::point_up:

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Philly brought up a good point. You are close to harvest so you need to decide what kind of effects you want. If you like a more active, get up and go result, harvest when the trikes are CLOUDY. You can have a few amber.
If you want more the sit back and relax, chill out…wait till you have about 20-25% amber
Buds can ripen at a different time. Those deeper in will ripen at a different rate than those more exposed to the light so check trichome in an out
I have removed select branches and even buds at different times to accomplish / reach a specific goal.
Then be ready for drying…you should be thinking about it now…getting your dry area ready
DO not forget…a few days NO WATERING and a COUPLE DAYS DARK ONLY
That will add 5 days to your regimen
DO you know how to dry? Are you ready for it?
Does your hubby know / follow along with all you are doing/ learning?


Use this as a guide


Thanks Phil…but you don’t think I got a good enough close up? I have a digital microscope that has 1000X power.

Thanks again for your information Mike. I do want the sativa affect, so I am watching for the trikes to get 1/2 cloudy.

The auto’s are something I have never experienced before…can I remove branches without stressing the rest of the plant too much?

I have researched drying and curing…should have my second tent (drying tent) arriving in a few days. I also remember your advice of the two days no water and total darkness. I grew a couple dozen plants about 40 years ago and never knew about curing…looking forward to trying that this time.

My hubby leaves the plant growing to me, he’s enjoying watching them grow and knowing he will reap the benefits soon LOL. This is my hobby, he’s more interested in getting his kayak ready for some fishing :slight_smile: As he is 100% disabled from PTSD he should be interested in the Indica…but nope!

Thanks again for your help, I really do appreciate the information :slight_smile:

Auto’s - DO NOT REMOVE BRANCHES…You really have t know your strain and the condition of each plant in order to CHOP a branch. I have topped them when they were young, even fimmed but never took a branch

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@Mrb53004 I have a friend that every time he harvests (always harvests outdoors) removes the main cola and sometimes a couple of top buds first. Then harvests the rest of the plant as the buds fill out. He swears his weight almost doubles using this technique. I guess my question is if I am growing inside were light and water are 100% controllable do you think the trade off in volume versus quality makes it worth skipping the no light and water before harvest step?


Ok…thanks. I was confused because you wrote earlier that you removed “select branches at times”. The auto’s are a brand new ballgame for me :wink:

That’s a good question. I was reading about this, too, but considering I’m running low, I didn’t want to take a chance and ruin a plant. However, it is just me, so I guess I could try it? It would be the only way for me to know for sure. Hmmm. I’ll have to figure out which one.

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OK Guys, here is my take…We try NOT to touch auto flowering plants due to their sensitivity to stress. When harvest time rolls around, you have to LOOK at your bud formation. Popcorn / nugs will not turn into cola’s so unless you have MASS bud formation, take her down.If you have buds, REAL BUDS,and they are not mature yet…you have nothing to lose by leaving them…the worst that could happen is you stress the plant and they die or try to hermie but the there is usually not enough time left on the clock for that
Phot period —W whole different ballgame becasue you can re-veg so you can still cause hermies but you can increase the yield…not dramatically if your timing was right to begin with


Sounds like I should probably hang tight until another time. Thanks for the tips!

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