Gelato Feminized

I have a single plant. Started indoor seed on Feb 14. Then transitioned to outdoors. I’m going to move them back indoors for the flowering stage and setup proper light cycles.

Question - approximately how many weeks of vegetation stage and flowering stage?

I am familiar with tricoms etc.


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This may help. I don’t have knowledge on outdoors as of yet, so for now, here’s a link until others chime in.

Hi Doug, flowering stage light cycle is 12/12, every plant is different in regards to how many weeks, alot depends on the size of the plant in veg, & you have to consider your indoor grow space as far as how tall you can allow them to get before getting too close to the light. Maybe someone who has experience with gelato photo’s can tell you more. Pictures of the plant & more info on the grow medium etc might help…im not sure of your outdoor climate, but if they stayed outdoors till fall harvest im sure they would be monsters, but i guess you dont want to wait that long?

Photo period plants can stay in VEG mode as long as we keep the lights on above 15/16 hours. You determine when you want to flip based on criteria:
Is it in a pot, how big is the pot, how big is the plant. We do not want 10lbs in a 5lb bag, understand?
More root = more fruit
Stretch - as plants move into flower, expect stretch at a minimum of 1 foot, a maximum of 3 feet
Stress - make sure you have enough space to insure the lights are no closer than 12-18 inches. You either have to train (bend) of have room to raise the lights and keep a canopy so lower buds do not get light starved
Flower - expect 7-9 weeks of flower to maturity…you watch the trikes and nutrients (do not over feed, you can trigger them back into a more vegetative state). You will want to get the lights down to 12/12, start lowering temps at about 5 weeks, colder water for watering / feeding. Prepare of flush/dry stage, lights off 2 days…About a week in general