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Okay DollarBill, have you taught your plants how to play the guitar yet? I love your guitar. Love your plants too. I have those pesky black flies/gnats flying around now too. I know this post was Oct. 2020, but those bugs are still around. I’m still using the Garlic/Soap spray & it’s working great. I just can’t get rid of the gnats. I"m gonna buy some of the products you’ve mentioned in this thread. Peace & Happy Growing! :wink:

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Beautiful! But isn’t it hurting the branches when being pulled like that? I guess I"m a softy with anything alive. I think it’s interesting the different things we can do to get the budzies growing. I’ve been a bit buzy…growing of course. Please send me an instant message when you can…wanna say a big hello to y’all out there! Love your plants, DollarBill! Happy Days…I’ve been growing year-round & I just harvested a 2.5", 4", and a 5" plant. So cute the dwarfs…I see you have a few too. I’ll post some updates in a bit for you to see how things have been going. Have a wonderful day…Happy :sunflower: :leaves: :sun_with_face:Spring to you & everyone out there! :wink:

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They can handle it pretty good

you don’t really PULL the branches. They are soft and you manipulate them into position (gently and little by little) and secure them to keep them that way

@Mrb53004 is there anyway to identify an autoflower,to a photo at a young age other then waiting out the time frame it takes for auto take its transition??? I have these couple blueberrys going from a bag I got??

not really…the big difference is with autoflowers, you can usually start seeing pistils / sacs at about 3, 4 weeks. Sometimes a little longer but close inspection of the nodes will usually let you know. Prior to that period…nothing I know will differentiate the species. They both start out the same. Photo’s will not develop sex traits until the flip begins and even then, it takes about 3 weeks of vegging before you can flip

My monster cookie turned out being a male so I got rid of his ass

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Funny thing, I got all these friends popping males and I GOT NONE!. Dang I popped 40 some aught seeds and got 1 male GSC auto…I am trying my damnest to seed my Frankenstein with pollen. Every time I get to it, the dang wind blows the pollen off before I can collect. I have tried 3 friggin times already…going for broke on #4


those are the blueberries ones

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looks like a girl to me…

With my last grow I did 2 mango kushs an they turned out being males but one of them was 5 foot tall an I swear up till then it’s had ever sign of being a female then one day BAM there was sacs appearing but I’m trying to get my 5’×12’ room finished up then I can keep a male if I wanted to but I’m not really up for breeding an pollination to much work

Yeah I wanted to top them but wasn’t sure if they were regs or auto’s they say not to top autos is that correct sir??

I top SOME auto’s…just depends on the strain and HOW LATE in the game. Early topping is fine, certain strains stress out, others DON’T

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Cool so I could top them now an it would be alright then?? I got this last week an seems to be making a big difference with everything

I top Blueberry and YES, it is a perfect time to top / fim and LST
I usually let the plant dry out…when it just starts to droop, the stem bends much more easily. Else, do it after dark, the cellulose has lost some of its strength and the silica is weaker…Little at a time. you do not have to do it all in one shot…Took the Lord 6 days and then he rested one day…
looks like you got some decent branching at 4th node so if you can bend there, you will develop a nice canopy…you will get tips from node 4, 3, 2 and 1 will split so the nodes grow in

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Gotcha very much appreciated sir!!

I’m going to put everything in there final homes tomorrow

@Mrb53004 should I give them a day or so to recoup b4 I top them after I transplant them sir??

do NOT do both…Top or Fim first, wait 3 days for recovery, maybe 4, then transplant


Gotcha thanks man as always much appreciated

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