Fresh nutes or saved?

Only mixing gallon size containers. Using FF trio, if I’ve mixed too much and won’t be feeding again for a couple days, hold it or mix fresh every time?

I previously burned a couple pretty bad and am pretty sure I used nutes that was mixed and sat for several days. Trying to figure out if this contributed to my mistake.


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If my nutrients don’t have an air stone then I mix fresh every time to help keep a clean grow medium. Otherwise bacteria can form in stagnant water.


Good to know. Thank you


@elfin No problem :slight_smile:

So, if you mix a gallon, for instance, you put an air stone in it, running continuously, until you use it all?

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@GrnyGrows yes but even with an air stone after more than about 3 days if not kept in a low/no light environment with stable temp it will start to develop algae and a film on the air stone that will need to be washed away.

So when you mix try not to mix more than you can use in roughly 72 hours if you don’t have a dark room kept at a stable temp between 65/80f or so.

Chemical mixes will be fine as long as they play well with others but the nutrient levels might change. The reason most nutrient systems are sold in parts like a 2 part or 3 part system is because the nutrients will bind with each other and change to a form that is not available to the plants. This goes for liquid and powder organic nutrient systems as well. With organics it’s not as big of a deal because if you feed your soil right the bacteria and fungi you develop will break down the organic materials again anyway into a form that can be used by the plant. With chemical nutrients though when this happens the nutrient solution pretty much becomes useless.

If you have a decent nutrient system that is stabilized though and is prevented from bonding with either a chemical additive or some advanced bio emulsifier or micele solution you can be good for weeks.


You blow me away. You speak a different language. I’m going to boil it down to, mix what I can use and forget the rest. At least for my first few grows. How much of the nute mix should I deliver to the plant each feeding? Just around the plant base? Saturate the whole pot? Start with a little then increase? Oh so much to learn. You’re incredible. TY.


@GrnyGrows that all depends on container size and stage of plant growth and size of plant. There really aren’t any set parameters once you really get into it as everything will need adjustments depending on plant health and environment.

Generally though with seedlings and small vegging plants it is better to not saturate the whole pot. Just around the base of the stalk about about and inch or two around the outside of it. It will force you tap root to shoot down in search of water cycling wet to dry.

Once they start getting a little bigger and need more water/feed I water and feed in a circle around the outside leaves of the plant to send the feeder roots out and widen the root mass cycling wet to dry.

Once the roots/leaves reach the edge of the pot I start saturating the whole pot cycling wet to dry.


Thank you… Great general info that I needed.