Flex Arm for USB Microscope

I purchased my first USB microscope, and after learning the technology it required for set up :laughing:, I can now use it.

Except…I can’t hold it steady.

Something with a flex arm to attach to the tent poles and to the microscope would be perfect.

Does anyone have advice on this?


I feel your pain…I used a jewlers loop for the longest but I decided to change up and go to something attached to my phone. I am so shaky etc. it is hard to get a good photo lol. Darn old age setting in lol


My best advice would be to take a cutting from your plant…it should have come with a stand…at least mine did. It doesn’t have to be a major cutting…I have also not addressed this issue for myself. But if was going to not be stubborn I would just take a small cutting and look at it that way! Salute! GL and have fun!

As much as I fight it with yoga, walking, pilates, etc. I still experience the aging process. The wear and tear from all the years of neglect is talking to me. :sweat_smile:

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I don’t want to cut my buds! I’ll figure something out.

I often cut a bud off to dry and smoke to see how my plant is coming along…this is great advice and in turn you could make your observations at the same time. Not saying to cut the bud itself. I hope this helps as it helps me.


I made a tri-pod of sorts: but i soon went to the magnifier app for i phone: with the magnification needed to see tricombs anything held by hand has proved to be hit or miss. But can capture a clear photo eventually

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