First Try at Growing AutoFlower

Hello to all the autoflower experts out there! I’ve grown photos indoors for over 3 years now, but have never tried an auto. My plan is to try a couple white widow autos outdoors in containers. They’ll be on a deck about 12 feet above ground with about 70% sun for the day. Won’t start them till the temps get warmer and level out (roughly mid May). Since autos should be “left alone”, this would be good for me as I like to keep up with trimming, etc as I go/grow with photos (indoors only). If anyone has any advice, suggestions, dos, don’ts, or anything else I’m missing, let me know.

I grow in soil and use FloraNova nutrients - I like to keep things simple. I’m in a “medical only with no growing rights” state so this is a stealth operation. My deck faces many acres of woods and a 12 acre pond, so I should be OK in growing two plants on my deck.


Bill, have you chosen your seeds yet? Lets talk


As I just learned, careful with the amendments that contain silica. It will cause the branches to be like glass and hurt your feelings.

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Hey Mike, I have 4 white widow autoflower I was going to use. I’d like to get something else as well, but as I said, need to be careful where I’m at.

I have a serious set of plants going indoors at the moment, but would like to try something outdoors. I’m a chronic smoker (44 years all day every day), so high thc is preferable. Also love the citrus or fruity types of flavors.

Here’s a link to my current grow (I do a “perpetual grow” so I get harvests every month or so):

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Thanks for the tip @kmac03. I don’t use any amendments - soil straight out of the bag.

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