First time scrog attempt

Started a grow back in March, I had found some seeds in a storage unit I bought, the seeds were in a Tupperware container, I had no clue what type of seeds they were, I popped 2 in some soil and one started growing, I also started 8 auto flower seeds at the same time, I got those from HGC. This is the mystery seed, well honestly I don’t know what any of them are, when I was transplanting my germinated auto seeds the plate fell and they all fell off the paper towel I had marked with strain info. So I have no clue what is what with those either. :man_shrugging:

I changed the light cycle on this about a week ago and it starting to show signs of change now, I hope it’s a feminized seed. I guess I’ll know soon, this is the first time I have tried this with the net, I think so far it is turning out amazing, it should definitely fill up this 3X3 tent. I am definitely gonna do this again but maybe in my 4X4 tent next time, but with more than one plant.

Here are the auto plants I have going, I’m think at least a couple of them should be ready for chopping in a few weeks. A couple of them that I didn’t top were looking really light in color for awhile, so I added some extra nutrients to them and I over did it a bit, but they seem to be better now aside from the tips of the leaves getting a little burnt. I have posted anything here for awhile, Happy growing everyone!