First grow , Stunted seedling ? Slow growth

I have two seedlings that seem to be growing very slowly. The first sprouted 15 days ago, the second followed behind her at 12 days ago.

Live soil , Gaia green dry amendments , no top feedings.
Ph 6.3-6.5
lights 24-0 ,led Hgl at 36”

Temp max 68-80 day through night , stays solid around 70-80 during the day.
RH 39-57 max swings , stays solid around 40- 55

I’m thinking maybe the temps are a little cold / humidity is a little low.

They are feminized autoflowers from trusted company

Appear healthy minus size.

that rh is low for babies…should be up near 75% or even better. That is why we dome seedlings. They can recover if you water properly…you will see a sudden spurt or growth. DO not overwater but make sure that soil is moistened every day

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I have been concerned over root rot , trying to find a healthy balance of watering. I will dome them both , at what stage would you consider them independent enough to withstand the given conditions I have inside my tent ?

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They look nice and healthy at least. I’d agree, low temps might be contributing to slower growth but also it does happen slow at first.

Now, temperature is 2 of the cardinal parameters for plant growth: air temperature, and also root zone. What temperature is the floor? Can you elevate them?

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I have considered this , I will fab a little OSB stand tomorrow , I’m sure it won’t hurt, thanks for the tip

I have my entire tent on top of a piece of foam board insulation. But I had a remnant of it and it just worked out perfect.

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watering…sometimes the most difficult thing when starting out. It is hard t learn when and how much water to give your plants, when to fee, when to add nutrients. That comes with experience and changes for every grow. Soil, environment, strain, genus all affect it and each seed (even though the same lineage) is different. Try to train yourself by lifting you container. Fill an similar container with soil, no water, and lift. It will help you FEEL what is heavy (wet) and what is light (dry). Seedlings like high humidity and to be kept a little moist but not soaking. As you reach week 3-4 they should experience the first GROWTH spurt (take a look at , and you will see the transformation. Then you begin letting the plant dry more between watering. This helps train the roots to SEARCH for water. Cloth bags are great for preventing root rot / over watering as they allow air to penetrate. It makes the roots trim themselves and that helps make a good root ball and prevent root rot.