First grow...newbie questions

I’m at the end of my first grow and I thought I might ask a question or two.

I’m growing a White Widow Autoflower from Homegrown Cannabis Co. Plant is at week 14 and still not quite ready for harvest. My question is this normal? From what I have read 10-12 weeks is normal for this strain. Some leaves are yellowing. Is this normal at this stage in growth or is it a result of nutrient deficiency.

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do not go by what they say is maturity time. Each environment will control the maturity of the plants. SOme will mature early, some late. Can be anything from rh to temps to nutes to lights …stress…Doesn’t really matter at this point. Look at your plants and determine harvest by maturity…your pistils are still pretty white and still growing. I doubt the trichomes are anywhere near ready
On the right side, I see some leaf discoloration…could be the plant starting to use up internal nutrient to fee the buds. You plant looks good but could use some thickening…I would lower my temps a little and increase the dark time an hr or 2 depending on where it is now. If you keep feeding them Nitrogen, they will continue to want to grow so make sure you are on a late flowering schedule for nutrients…Drop your water temperature to about 55°f…Make sure they are getting their amendments - calcium, mag, sul (basically molasses and cal/mag) and the P&K are now the bigger number on your nute usage…Maybe along the way you got a little hot or too much N and they continued veg growth…even autoflowers can extend vegging periods


Seems to me like a reveg , I had the same issue with original glue auto . They are perfect for edibles, No point in continuing the time :scissors:Is now :slight_smile:

me thinks you took them down a little early…will be an up head…definitely not couchlock

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I thought it was going to be to cerebral for me but ended up been a nice couchy feel. Very sedative. A very good and totally unexpected seizure killer :white_check_mark:

Thanks for info. I will try reducing the light schedule. Trichomes are not ready which is why I was curious about being in week 14. I have been inspecting daily looking for them to start going amber. Pretty inexperienced so have been using Fox Farm’s liquid nutrients, Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom. Watering every other day or third day with nutrients and once a week with just water. Temp stays between 65 and 70 and rh between 50 and 60%. Is it too late in the grow to start using cal-mag and/or molasses?

never too late for cal/mag and molasses…Molasses is for the soil so unless you are discarding the soil after harvest…it is a boost…your numbers are spot on but the buds should be thicker… Reduce humidity below 45% RH during last 2-3 weeks before harvest – Lowering the humidity towards the end of the flowering stage triggers a natural plant response that can make buds more dense as well as increase resin production. I would also trim off the discoloring fan leaves at this point…They are not needed. Leave the ones that are still green

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trimmed most of the leaves today actually and thanks again for advice.


let her rest…and next time, never more than 30% trimming at one time…2 days recovery or maybe 3…Looks real GOOD!

Gotya…did a bit more than 30%will start cal/mag next watering and adjusting lighting to 18/6

The times are average, i have run autos 110 days or as little as 60 days, you should check your ph, you may be feeding to much and stuff has built up makeing your plant take so long.

So just a quick update here…Changed lighting to 20 on 4 off and wtared twice this week with molasses and cal/mag. still quite a bit of yellowing leaves. Trichomes are mostly milky in appearance, small % still clear and no amber.

If you give too much cal mag, the calcium will lock out the Nitrogen which is what the GREEN comes from. If you are low on nutrients, the buds will take the nutrition from the leaves, resulting in yellowing / dying leaves. Lets invite @MDBuds for a scientific explanation. He is always reliable for spot on analysis

Just to add…I use RO/DI water and soil is organic compost

@Mrb53004 that looks like phosphorus and nitrogen deficiency with slight over watering. That trim took all the stored nutrients from the plant and it should have gotten a nice feeding after the pruning.

Give it a good flower feed with approximately 3-7-12 npk and make sure it’s phd around 6.5. That molasses feeding might have caused a ph issue too and some lockout because molasses lowers ph. If you don’t ph with kelp or ph up you can lock out plants feeding with molasses.


all great but the plant will use up the nutrients in the soil as it grows…they need to be replenished…not an additive like molasses and/or kelp. Do / did you top dress at all? Follow MDBuds insights

No I did not top dress the soil…have only been using the Fox Farm nutrients I mentioned previously. Did not feed nutes this week…mixed up 1gal of water with 9ml molasses and 9ml cal/mag and watered 1/2 gal on Tues and 1/2 today.