First grow in new room

Finally got some time to post on the new grow room. The additional space is AWESOME. Climate control is easier with the addition of insulation and a permanent door and dust barrier. I am actually exchanging air for the plants not the temperature now. I still have a bit of duct work to do to finish up the outside intake, waiting on the automated dampner to arrive.

Made a batch of A.C.T. (aireated compost tea). Mainly to feed the peppers I just winterized and the tumeric. But also for the Bluerry×Bigdevil and Goldleaf that just hit 2 weeks old.


Looks great @Rye ! :+1::v:

It’s always nice to take advantage of some natural sunshine :sun_with_face:

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The peppers will stay in the green house till probably Christmas. Then I’ll bring them in to over winter them. That’s my small greenhouse that I typically use for hardening off in the early spring or seed starting.

My office has become an indoor green room, all the windows filled with various plants. I have 2 other grow spaces, one in the garage and another in the spare bedroom, in the process of being built out now.

My wife finally conceded that we should just build a decent sized storage building and use it as a grow house.


Looks awesome.

Q: Can peppers cross-pollinate? Asking because I have last minute long cayenne and serranos forming and they are next to each other. Yes, I can look it up, but I’m being lazy.


Congrats on the new space @Rye.
It seems as it’s one of those things we homegrowers can never have enough of.

I doubled my space this year and I’m still feeling cramped.

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Yes they can, and they can make mild peppers hot, but not vice versa. It will depend if they were both in flower at the same time, as well as how close theyvare to each other.


Of course they both went to flower at the same time sitting right next to each other. It’s how I roll.

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3 Blueberry×Big Devil auto–back row 23 days old.
1 Gold leaf auto-- front right 21days old.
2 Sour vino×Watermelon auto–12 day old front left and center.

The 2 vino×watermelon crosses I thought I had lost them, I’m guessing the ph in the soil was off or something along those lines. They sprouted and then stalled out completely for several days. I gave them a touch of compost tea and they bounced back. We will see how it affects them. I still need to paint the floor and a few minor things left and the grow room will be done.


Man what an elaborate setup!! Your plants should be very happ.

Amazing what 2 weeks can do. All the Blueberry×big devil and gold leaf are in flower. The vino×melon cross is just starting.

The BB×BD is already stacking nicely, and with the training/tucking/pruning it has a nice even canopy.

The Goldleaf was nice and even till the last feeding, then her main cola shot up, no complaints.

That vino×melon seedling that was dying is doing great, compost tea is amazing, and is probably a few days behind her sister

The seedlings in the corner are critical bilbos. Just sprouting.


@Rye Fantastic grow! Everything looks :ok_hand: !

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Looks phenomenal! :star_struck:

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How’s the grow going, @Rye? New pics or did I wander into the wrong area again?

@kmac03 nope your in the right room. Been very busy lately, was out of town for a few days. The ladies are doing well. I over feed just before I left, intentionally, so I have some burnt tips, but thay dosent bother me, I like to push them hard.

These are the sour vino×watermelons. Day 52. One should have never made it, and now I bet I get at least 1.5 oz. From her,

The blueberry×bigdevil are starting to stack up and getting frosty.

And the gold leaf is so damn dramatic. You do ANYTHING and she droops, feed her, water, touch, trim, train and she gets all pissy and droopy.

The critical bilbos are doing ok. They are 3 weeks old, when these autos get done I’ll finish these girls up,

I’m feeding every watering now, about every 3rd day, I keep my ppm for feeding down at 400 or below because of the frequency. Of course the babies dont get hardly any food.


Well, I’m blown away. They are looking gorgeous!!! I can’t wait to grow up like you. Is the Goldleaf auto? Why do you think she’s so finicky? I’ve never grown her before.

Have a great day! Happy New Year :fireworks:

White labeled for your pleasure.


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I have no clue why she is so picky. Never grown the strain before, hence why I went with an auto version first. She reacts to everything like a teenager, so she better be a good smoke.

This room will become a hydro room, due to infrastructure, and my soil grow will move outside to the greenhouses.

I’m finally started on the destruction of the pool and deck. It’s becoming a barn/barnyard and green house/raised beds. Hopefully the next 2-3 months I can get it done.

That sounds exciting. I hope you will post progress pictures?

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My, my, what do I see with my eye??!! What beauty to behold. :star_struck::fireworks::sparkler::two_hearts::herb:

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