First Grow - AutoWeddingCake 6 weeks In

First time growing indoors. I have two AutoWeddingCake plants that are 6 weeks old & about 12" high. I expect they would be a bit taller w/o my LST efforts.

Bottom leaves one one plant are yellowing - Is that a concern? Both plants are moist & PH is about 6.5.

I’m told harvest is around 8-10 weeks so I should expect 2-4 more weeks of growth? Trichomes are milky white.

Any thoughts or concerns on how these girls are doing?

BIGGER CONTAINERS! I transplanted my autos’ and took the chance of stressing it but wound up getting 3/4 more weeks flowering…made a BIG DIFFERENCE. Yellow leaves…if it is the bottom leaves, it might be the flowers / buds taking nutrients from the plant. Watch to see if it climbs up to higher branches…We expect the bottom fans to yellow out

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