First Auto grow and growing ever

Growing for the first time ever in my own space tried plenty of times before but ran into problems from either environment or nosey people etc etc would like some help and tips I’ve recently completed a course at the learn sativa here in Florida to gain some more knowledge and more is always welcome I will post pics daily to weekly my set up is fox farm ocean forest soil with all three bottle nutrients and cal mag and a 600 watt led with bloom and veg switch 3 gallon vivo sun fabric pots with ac infinity 4 inch smart fan with carbon filter and duct growing gelato auto from ilgm


Welcome to the forum @Ograider ! :peace_symbol:

Looks like you have a nice start on your grow.:+1:

One tip I will pass along is that the Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil you’re using has plenty of nutrients in it to feed your plants well into the vegetative stage without having to add any. Since you’re growing autos, you may not need any nutes until well into flowering. I’ve been using FFOF for years, and this is what I’ve found about it. It’s really good soil.

I always add perlite to mine. 1/4% mixture to aerate the soil some.

Keep up the good work and keep posting pics and asking questions. There’s lots of experienced growers here love to help.


Welcome to the forum. I am faily new my self but having tried several auto strains so far the gelato auto was one of the easiest for me to grow. I love the high and it has a terpene mix that is perfect for my medical issues. Do not over nute them I also use ffof and the only things I give mine starting when they hit the 4th week is unsulfured molasses and liquid kelp. That so far works well for me. Grow well


Gelato is a GOOD strain to start with…very potent…a good hybrid of both Indica and Sativa…Being an auto, won’t grow through the top of the tent. You plants look EXTREMELY GOOD. Leaf structure is excellent and show off proper watering schedule. as Khatru says…FF can run a little hot on the nutrient side so do not overdo it with additional nutrients. Molasses, kelp and cal/mag are excellent additives…


Thank you for the tips most definitely will keep posting

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Really I’ll look into liquid kelp on my second run since this is my first run keep it simple for my understanding for now appreciate it

Awesome and thank you I have the cal mag only thing I don’t have is molasses

@Ograider to add to what has already been said here liquid kelp will assist with stress recovery, root development, and resistance to temperature stresses.

Foliar feeding with liquid kelp also increases mold and fungus resistance.

The icing on the cake is that foliar feeding with it and using it in your water during flower will also boost terpene production which helps with resistance to mold, pests, bacteria, etc… but it also makes for some great smelling and tasting potent buds.

I absolutely love using kelp. Either liquid kelp or dehydrated kelp powder. They both work great. I honestly won’t grow without it.

I also won’t grow without molasses for similar reasons. But mostly because molasses feeds the mychorrizae and bacteria in the soil and helps increase nutrient uptake and bioavailability of nutrients. This means your plants can eat more and work less so more of their energy goes into growth.

Feed the soil and everything goes smoother. Lol

Happy growing man.


Awesome loving the support thanks I just bought bloom liquid kelp off of Amazon

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Hi, I’m also a first time grower, I live in the Western Pacific I’m here to get professional advice on soil and fertilizer.


Update on the plants all gelato autos except the one in the middle mystery strain


definitely not a Gelato…do you know if you had any gg4 or gsc?

Not for sure it started flowering April 10 it has a nice citrus smell to it

But there’s plenty of gg4 in my area so it could be that most likely


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this one I broke on accident one of four auto gelato still going strong

last of the four gelato

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the mystery hopefully couple more weeks