Fan speed too much?

Grow tent - 2’x2’x67"

Fan - 165 CFM

Carbon filter - 200 CFM

The sides of the tent suck in. The outlets push out.

If I open the flaps, the sides don’t suck in but the humidity drops.

Should it do this?

Describe your tent/fan/filter set up. For example, mine is a slightly wide 2x2 x 60. I put the inline fan on top the tent. It is ducted to the filter, hanging inside the tent, pulling filtered air out. Inlet air is ducted to control where I get air from, warmer or cooler as needed, and introduced low in the tent. A clip on fan inside the tent moves enough air to make leaves gently wave. In-line fan has speed control “dimmer” inline. I keep it pulling gently, but not sucking the sides of the tent in. Your fan can change the air in the tent in about five seconds. Twist that bad boy down some.

Paint us the picture of what yours is. Then people can intelligently advise…

I thought I did when I included this. What else do you need?

Grow tent - 2’x2’x67"

Fan - 165 CFM

Carbon filter - 200 CFM

It’s ok. You don’t know what you don’t know. None of us do. In any event, there are multiple ways people set up fans and inside, fan outside, filtering inlet air, filtering outlet air, etc. your tent is only about twenty cubic feet of air. Your fan can be choked to maybe a quarter of potential.

This is my first tent. I bought a kit and I am really questioning if its contents are meant for 20 cu ft.

So I don’t know most of what I don’t know. :slight_smile:

I found out yesterday the light is 65w and meant for 1 plant. Newer kits sell with 100w to accommodate 2. I added a 15w and may add another. Monitoring temp and rH.

Here are some images.

Ok, so first decision, are we filtering to control odor? If so, all you really need for ventilation inside the tent is the carbon filter. Hang it as high as possible. I tucked mine up along an upper side rail, strapped it up tight. Then I ran four inch flex duct from the filter, through a port in the tent, to the fan I’d mounted on top the tent (gets that electric motor and it’s heat out of the tent, and buys overhead room for light. Using a flex duct on the air inlet, rather than the flappers, buys more control over where we get our air. I have pulled air from air conditioner. I have pulled inlet air through a drying box to control it’s odor as well as the tent. I use the cheap hygrometer/thermometers all over, to monitor and educate myself about air quality etc. none of us was born knowing this stuff, and we each end up repeating the same mistakes.

If it were mine, a goal would be getting sufficient high quality LED light to eliminate any others, simply from efficiency and heat production aspects.

That’s a lot of information. :slight_smile:

I need to study it a bit.

Odor not so much. It is inside and mostly protected. And I love the smell.

Outside temps will get to 100 with ~50rH. Inside is kept about 78. I add water containers to raise rH, worked so far but I’m only 2 weeks in.

Could you send image of what you did with the top mounted fan? Some of this vocabulary is new and a picture is worth…

And I do agree, lighting is a priority.

Your setup now looks fine imo… but you’re going to have humidity issues… atleast if you’re in the southwest or alike… ive found that keeping the humidity and ac units out and blowing it in threw the open front of the tent to be best. And most of all just remember to have fun. These plants are a great joy to cultivate and consume. It takes science to make perfect buds… but the shit will just grow if you let it on its own. I believe he is suggesting #2 type setup

I’m a first time parent. :laughing:

This is a cost saving measure, so it is important.

I can’t rig up #2 setup. I do like the idea of keeping the door open.

I make sure I have privacy but do live in an apartment. A whiff here and there is acceptable.

Do I even need the fan?


Its like the old diaper commercials… you live you learn and you get luvs… haha if ya can catch what I’m saying.
Just remember that your fan speed will fight against your humidity… I don’t run filters becuase I’m not concerned with smell. The real place for a filter is when you’re drawing in outside air imo… to keep contamination away from the babies.

I meant plant parent. :slight_smile:

I am thinking I just bought a bunch of equipment I don’t need. :frowning:

I may turn fan and filter off to see if they are needed.

And when they plants get larger I may need them.

It’s a wait and see game.

Yup yup I was referring to growing plants… I studied and studied and bought the best of the best that I could afford… but later learned I wasted a bunch(hence the Luvs reference) Then I got serious and took a job as a waterer for imo the best growers in my area. It really opened my eyes. I only spent six months ish there but the amount of information that I was able to obtain was worth the hard work. As you could imagine as a waterer… as simple as it sounds … it was me and security and over 1k plants in all stages. It was my job to keep it going and fill in the gaps between the pros being there to monitor and do what they do.

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I’d think hard before eliminating the carbon filter. We all become nose blind to our own environment, and have very poor ability to judge how much or little others may experience it, let alone whether they appreciate it or not.

I remember back in the day, when cooking canna butter would send you to jail, and I didn’t think the odor emanating from the RV I then lived in was much at all, until the park manager warned me that the sheriff had warned him…… pot politics is about power. Don’t hand it to others so they can beat you. Yes your plants stink, wrap em in a tent and filter the outlet air from the tent.

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I agree. I will keep everything hooked up so when they’re bigger I can contain them and their smell.

That reminds me of another question…

Making canna butter and the smell…

How could that smell be suppressed?

I’m thinking about doing it in the middle of the night.

A silicone de carb box and good knowledge of neighbors work schedule helps…

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Definitely leave fan/filter hooked up. Filter for odor… More importantly to me is You need the air exchange during dark periods at a minimum when the door shouldn’t be open. Without it you will build condensation inside the tent even with circulation. As the plant grows and begins to transpire you will need the fan to keep humidity in check and bring fresh air in for co2 when lights are on. Right now they are not transpiring much so lowest setting should be fine. During day not a problem to partially open the door to cool it off…. But The cen fan is your most important equipment when growing in a tent….it would be very difficult to create a consistent environmental conditions without it.

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Fans fans and fans. Exhaust fans. A must.(mines on top of tent) connected with dryer vent hose. Two fans (4") blowing inside air around. Open up built in net windows, so Exhaust fan pulls air in. Much humidity in Mississippi

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Lowest setting? There is no setting on the inline fan. They recommended I buy another piece of equipment to regulate the fan speed.

I bought a 2’x2’x67" kit thinking they had tested it and it was perfect for a beginner. I was disappointed.

I left the inline fan off last night and the humidity went to 99%.

Today I turned it back on

Upped the amount of time from 12/12 to 18/6

Upped the light wattage from 65 to 103

We’ll see what tomorrow brings

Buy the speed control. It’s hopeless without it. At best you get lousy yield for your efforts. Get the fan speed control to get the RH under control, and maybe grow some bud. If I sound rough, it’s because I did what you’re doing, and know the continual dissatisfaction with making do when you know damn well what the top shelf, really works answer is.

Unfortunately you fell victim to a bargain tent offering with limited utility.
Oh I know that feeling. I came close before figuring out light sellers often lie. Who knew? So a single speed inline fan is as worthless as a car with the gas pedal stuck. You know now. They sucked you in on price. Accept it and move on, buying the stuff you needed all along.

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