Fan Leaf HAIRS?

Well I have grown fan leaves with 13 tips but I have never seen hairs start growing at the fan leaf base. I have noticed today on one of my Granddaddy Bruce Photo in week 5 of flower, what appears to be a bud growing on the fan leaf. Look closely at the pictures below.

So anyone else ever see this…


Never seen it. But in my experience mutations are a good sign of dankiness. I’m not sure if that is a real word. I think you’re on to something special. Nice job!!


it is a genetic anomaly but it does happen. This is the second time on this site we have seen it


@retiredoldguy yes I have…, personally I believe this is caused by “COMPOUND FEMINIZATION”…:dark_sunglasses:


I’ve had that a few times it looks like tricomes but their not it makes your plant look like it’s frosty as hell when it’s really a big hairy girl if I could upload pictures but it wont do it I have some “man down” in flower now that has it like Velcro pads on all leaf from sugar to fan

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Gotta love them freaks!

It takes one to know one :wink:

Let ‘er grow to ultimate dankness!

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thanks for everyone’s replies, I assumed it was due to our playing mother nature to produce feminized seeds…if something does actually end up growing on these 2 leaves I will send photos to the forum.


I’ve also had these a few times. Didn’t take pics, but the resulting bud was awesome!!

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@CkNugz mine never got any bigger than yours…this like growing a 13 finger fan leaf is a true wonder