Fan clarification please

3x3, p2000, soil and ~10 days into flower. Plants look awesome and around 14 inches from the light. I have a fan that just has low/high for adjustment and has 2 blades side by side. Do I want the fans to continue to blow on the buds? I have 2 plants a little taller and thus are getting buffeted pretty good. I am thinking they are helping the heat from the light but, temps are not a problem at all. I am considering moving the fan below the canopy. It’s not a oscillating fan. I do have a carbon filter above but, currently only have the flap near the fan cracked a bit and it’s a negative pressure. No issues thus far bugs or otherwise. Thanks!

if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

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Agreed. I just don’t want to screw up the frostings to come.

@Nicehit I’d recommend using 2 (6 in. fans) one directly above canopy blowing that heat away from light and one blowing lower towards the initial branching., face them towards each other to create a sort of crosswind effect.:nerd_face:

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You have to worry about mildew. If you have low humidity, great. High humidity and no air flow is dangerous. Get mildew in the late flowering period and you will cry.


I have raised my fan so it doesn’t blow so hard directly on the flowers and it’s keeping my LED cooler so my plants are ~12 inches @100% power from the highest tops. I just purchased a small dehumidifier being my RH is 70+ at times and it’s already cooling into the mid 60s in the dark. I just have so much plant in a small space that lowering the AC is not enough.