Everyday Haze, Panama Haze x (Panama Haze x Malawi Panama) Grow

This is my Everyday Haze, Panama Haze x (Panama Haze x Malawi Panama) grow.

I dropped 9 seeds on Sunday, September 14 @ 9pm into starter pods that I soaked in a ph’d water and kelp solution.

Seven of the seeds came up. After a few days I planted the pods into solo cups of an organic soil mixture I make up. The next day 2 had twins that started to come out. I plan on trying to separate the twins. I have down that successfully before from the starter pods, never from a solo cup.

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Very interesting @Raymundo, that you have 2 sets of twins!
Of all my grows over the last 10+ years, I have never had a twin plant, and here you are with 2 at once!
I wonder if they share the same root system??
Let us know how the separation process goes :+1: :v:

@Khatru I had 4 on my last grow of Hawaiian Haze. Successfully separated them all. I have a Lemon Skunk this time too that is twins. I can see that one has the same root system. Probably going to see how it grows just for the hell of it. I am almost positive the Haze have separate root systems. I will post how it goes at seperation.

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Please keep us updated and post more as you continue

I was successful in separating the two sets of twins. They are in their own cups and labeled to follow their progress. That is the one nice thing about using the starter pods. Was able to pull the plants out easier.

Once separated, I put some of the pod in the hole to give the roots that familiar feeling. Added some Azos and Mykos to 2 plants. Mykos only to one, and Azos only to another. Why not experiment?

One set

Other set


The 4 twins are looking good this morning. The one on the right may have some issues, but it looked that way before separating. We will see what happens.


Good job @Raymundo looking great

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Make sure to keep posting updates !

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Most are a week old or so. I had to take a couple out and plant them deeper already because of their stretch. There are a couple that are less then a week old. I have noticed some fast growth on them

The twins are doing good and growing along.

There were a couple seeds that did not germinate. So to keep an even number I reused one of the pods with another seed 7 days later. 4 days later there was growth. Now with the twins I would have an even number.

Then another of the pods sprouted so now there was 11. This morning I noticed during watering that one of the seeds that did not germinate, has now done so. It will be easy to replant it in to it’s own cup.

Now there are 12.


Everyone yesterday, except the late to sprout plant, got moved to 3/4 gallon pots last night. They will stay in these until they show sex. The twins are doing good. Twin number #4 still has the very narrow leaves unlike it’s twin #3.


Wanted to give a quick update. The haze in the 5 x 5 flower tent are 56 days into the flip and needed to be staked about a week ago. Most needed it do to bud density. A couple just because of height as their buds are lighter. EDH #2 and #4 were both males. Pollen from #4 was used to pollinate a Hawaiian Haze I have. #2’s fate has yet to be determined. EDH #3 is in a different flower tent. Twin T4 just went into the flower tent last week.

The 3 twins in the tent have the denser buds.

Most of the plants have only added an inch over the last 3 weeks.

EDH #1 is 35.5 inches tall. Dense buds.

EDH #5 is 36.5 inches. Lighter buds.

EDH #6 is 38 inches. Lighter buds.

EDH #7 is the tallest at 45 inches. Lightest buds. When I grow out the clones from this plant, I will most likely top them both.

The twins have much denser buds making them top heavy.

EDH #T-1 is the shortest of this group at 33 inches and 10.5 inches shorter than her twin. Denser buds.

EDH #T2 is 43.5 inches and the second tallest of this group. Denser buds.

EDH #T3 is 37.5 inches. Denser Buds


Bigger pots, bigger pots. Transplant these babies…

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