Earthbox or 5gal fabric Auto?

Personally, I think the 7gal earthbox is the perfect container for auto flowers, makes water a breeze, and your autos can maximize their size with some lateral space to stretch the roots.

Additional the earthbox can draw unlimited fresh water while the feeder roots move about to eat. One main point of emphasis, is the plant is never forced nutrients with its water as opposed to top watering or water soluble mixes. Going wet to dry can amplify the force feeding of nutrients into your plant.

But mainly, it’s just easier and the plant is able to maintain stability and health easier thoughout the cycle with a bigger container. Just pour a gallon of water down the spout when it’s dry… that’s it with earth boxes.

The small fabric pot (in my case 5gal) is also a good option when space is more of a consideration and can be set up with an auto pot watering system as long as your soil has enough density to leach to the top.

Downsides of small pots… Not enough room for top dress, watering is more difficult and the plant will experience some extent of over/under water each day. Run the risk of root bounding them with some strains. And ultimately will require more feeding and more work.

With that said… I like to grow primarily in Earthboxes but do occasionally grow in pots. I am growing two strains (one in EB and one in 5gal for each strain) and we’ll see if there is much of a difference. How much potential am I losing in fabric pot vs earth box? I don’t think you can gain much more by going bigger than an EB with autos but it definitely makes a difference over small pots.

Beary White at 41 and 24 days from sprout.

Beary White 24 days in 5gal fabric

Beary White 41 days in Earth Box

Sweet n’ Sour 24 days in 5 gal

Sweet n’ Sour 48 days in Earth box

… See how the 5 gals go through stretch over the next couple weeks.


I was running 5gal cloth pots then got my first EB, i haven’t looked back! The plants in the EB out performed the 5 gal pots! Went to 45gal cloth bag with liner and EB. The EB out performed the 45gal bag too. Went to just EB’s never been happier or higher :crazy_face: its the EB for me hands down: :sunny::palm_tree:

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Something I’ll have to seriously consider for my next grow. Upgrade from 3gal to 5 gal this time around.


Some start in smaller pots, then transplant to larger pots: myself i like to start the seed in its final pot straight to soil: eliminating a couple of steps that are pointless in my opinion: when she pops she is good to go! If earth box top water until she can drink on her own. About 2-3 weeks :yin_yang:


That’s what I’m going to do next time around. My current seeds are germinating in Rapid Rooter plugs covered with a humidity dome. They’re buried so I don’t know if they popped yet. It’s been 45.5 hours since I put them in there so hopefully I see their little heads pushing through soon. I would move them to their permenant home but at this point I don’t want to disturb the process.

I also just got a couple of saucers with inserts that keep the bags a couple inches off the the bottom. Don’t know how much water the lower section will hold, though I’m guessing 1/2-3/4 gallon maybe?

Guess we’ll find out soon enough.


With organics i don’t water to run off: they also use to say don’t allow the pot to sit in the tray: but now with self watering auto pots its all from the bottom: my opinion that was the case when you use chemical nutrients due to the high salt contents: watering to run off causes you to waste the nutrients in the soil: :yin_yang::thinking: the EB eliminates this issue of over & under watering: only fresh water in the tank


@chasworks exactly right… I do bottom water my fabric pots as well and give the feeders a little time to stay a bit dryer. I do probably every other right now while they are sopping it up.

Back left - Sweet n ’ Sour 55 days in EB. Front Left - Sweet n’ Sour 31 days in 5 gal fabric.
Back right - Beary White 48 days in EB. Front Right - Beary White 31 days in 5 gal fabric…

I think the 5 gals had a little advantage to when they came into the tent and the RH had not been cut back yet. Id say the BW in the 5 gal is definitely a better (healthier) plant. The sweet n’ sours I think are pretty close to when they were in the same stage (stretch).

Beautiful BW throwing down 9 finger fans up top… Very OG looking right now.

Very healthy 7 finger SnS… A little stockier than the EB… see how she stretches it out.

Some nice lateral stretch out of the the 5 gal’s

BW - 48 days… If you like gunky… the watermelon terps of the 3bears is very nice.

SnS auto 55 days… Very wet greasy strain… Very fruity, skunky, with some some gas.



I think at this point I think the BW in the 5gal fabric wins this round… Don’t think the SnS will be able to yield the stems the earthbox did. Here’s some pics of what’s coming for late spring and what’s finished/finishing up for the autos. Probably only do 4 plants for the summer run to keep the amount of lights on limited…

Beary White 5.5 weeks from seed - 5 gal fab

SNS (left) 5.5 weeks from seed - 5 gal fab

Frozen Sunny D 5.5 weeks from seed - 7 gal EB

Kiwi {sour stomper x CDLC} x Northern Cheese Haze - 3.5 weeks seed - 5 gal fab… Still tucking them fans trying to get the satellites to poke through.

Pineapple Runtz auto - 7 weeks from seed

Pineapple Runtz nugs early in stacking.

And the ones out or close to out…

Beary White… 55ish in pic? 7 gal eb… getting close to finishing time.

Beary nugs

Sweet n Sour getting finished up - 7 gal eb

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Everything is looking lovely! Mail man still hasn’t showed threw! The 5 gal cloth are looking good you still got it :grin: great results just more input to get them there correct? Did you investigate the device by elon musk? 2nd bill over (4) months lowest in my history of payments: :yin_yang:

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Yeah they’re coming pretty good now…. Just about finished stretching and they had post stretch defol/ pruning…. Already top dressed as they were going into flower so hopefully water only the rest the way ( still using some occasional aloe, coconut, yah-whey or some banana extract)….like every 3rd water to give the soil a little something to keep the micros happy…

Definitely picking up one of the devices… that’s great for your indoors! I think I will just resend with tracking for you this time.

Day 40 after defol … they’re not the monster the pineapple Runtz is but the flowers are developing great as they work on week two of flower.

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The mail here is a totally different animal than we have in the states: far as i can see not a priority at all: its probable making its way threw the country :grin::grin::grin:

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5 gal pots… 45 seed/ 43 sprout … Done stretching out… Time to turn up the heat and let em rage. Think fabric pots are fine just a little bit more work with the water.

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43 sprouts! Wow thats Nice, we have a 6 plant limit 8 if 2nd smoker in the house! Can establish a co op with up to 5 people then can grow as a group in a single location with the plants grown in one place :yin_yang: With permission: a tent full holds me for multiple months.

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With autos… Just plant them far enough apart so your harvesting as new ones are coming into flower and should be good. Can be a little trickier with autos…. You could still get one or two crossing over so if you stick to four, you should be good with the six limit. I’m cutting it pretty close right now with one coming into flower I’ll have to chop one. That leaves me still five including my photo, one in pre flower and three seedlings but not sure if I’m gonna keep the seedlings or replant with some new seeds I bought and definitely want to get in the dirt soon. so yeah that’s always something you have to manage but for me it’s plenty. Really, that’s a couple more than I need but I just like to grow so I grow em.

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Being on a fixed (retirement) income & the cost to grow anything here: i just like to get the most out of that cost each grow: with the auto’s that would mean a perpetual 18hr light! A/c & equipment :yin_yang: Saving for a Canatrol cold dry system: associated cost maybe have by end of the year! :ballot_box_with_check::wink::thinking:

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