Droopy auto flower

Does anyone know why my Alaskan Purple auto is so droopy? It’s not a watering issue as I don’t have this problem with the other girls. PH at 6.4 in a three gal. Pot. RH at 55 temp 76-78 Fahrenheit. 5 weeks old under a Vivosun HCF3200 in 5x2 closet. See pic in repost. Thanks all!

Sometimes over watering will make your plant droopy. Leaves will kinda puff up and droop. Have a good water meter to check soil for moisture. Let it dry out tell leave get droopy, then give it a good drink of 6.5 PH water. Also have a darn good PH meter. Cheap ones will ruin you grow.

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Thanks Ron but could it be something else? I’m watering it the same as the others which look awesome! Also I have a nice ph meter from Apera so it’s not that.

Trimming too much always makes my autos sad for a few days. Juss saying??


Droopy plants could be a sign of lots of different things, overwatering being the main culprit, humidity levels also have a big role to play as your plants need to sweat and excrete excess moisture from their foliage, if your RH is too high your plants won’t be able to sweat and this could lead to what you’re experiencing.

Also, rule of thumb, each plant differs in water consumption, heat stress, photosynthesis and nutrients even if they are the same genetics. Always pay close attention to what the individual plants is trying to tell you about its needs.

Hope this helps!

Hey rusty! Quick question if you don’t mind!

How often do you strip your leaves and at what point during your plants life cycle do you strip? Do you mainly strip in first week of flower or throughout the entire life cycle?

With auto flowers I lollipop at first sight of pistols. Maybe a little along the way, not much. They get mad easier than photo plants.

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Hey dude!

Yeh I was thinking that they get a little mad anywhere after the second week of flowering and take a little while to regenerate.
I always find lollipopping to be a great technique in the first week of flowering and then I leave them to do their things and fully utilise their limited energy supply :fist_right:t2: :fist_left:t2:

great picture and thanks for letting me pick your brain!


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