Droopy auto flower

Does anyone know why my Alaskan Purple auto is so droopy? It’s not a watering issue as I don’t have this problem with the other girls. PH at 6.4 in a three gal. Pot. RH at 55 temp 76-78 Fahrenheit. 5 weeks old under a Vivosun HCF3200 in 5x2 closet. See pic in repost. Thanks all!

Sometimes over watering will make your plant droopy. Leaves will kinda puff up and droop. Have a good water meter to check soil for moisture. Let it dry out tell leave get droopy, then give it a good drink of 6.5 PH water. Also have a darn good PH meter. Cheap ones will ruin you grow.

Thanks Ron but could it be something else? I’m watering it the same as the others which look awesome! Also I have a nice ph meter from Apera so it’s not that.