Droopping seedlings

I planted seeds on saturday. They grew to 2 inches in 3 days, but on the 4th they drooped over.

They are planted in jiffy pods with seed heat mat with cut 12 oz plastic bottle covering. They out grew the plastic cover so i switched to a 1 liter bottle on the day they drooped.

Any thoughts?

Welcome to the forum @Lleonard75. Theres a few things that can cause drooping seedlings. We will need more information. What soil, ph of soil, how often watered, temp, humidity. And if you can a picture.


Plants droop for different reasons. Temperature, nutrients, too much light, light to far away (plant stretch), wrong light (wavelength) medium being off (acid / alkaline / ph out of range / ppm excessive). Pictures and a good description will allow the community to give you insights to what went wrong, how to possibly correct it and maybe prevent it in the future. There are alot of of great people on this site with years of knowledge. A wonderful place to learn and be part of a community with help along the way


I used soaked jiffy tabs to start the germinated seeds. I have a small grow lamp (see picture) i think it is only 11 watts, asmy grow room has plants in flower. I do not know the ph, as they are too small for my ph meter.

After drooping they seemed dry, so i watered from bottom. They seemed to recover, but drooped again appearing to be too wet.

My plan is to soak the jiffy pods from the bottom for an hour every 3 days (+/-) as needed until ready for planting at which point i will move them under a 40 watt light until the grow room is ready.

What do you think?

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@Lleonard75 that’s from the light being too far away and the seedlings stretching too far to hold their own weight. Move the light closer and transplant as soon as possible. Make sure to transplant deep so there’s less stem needing to be supported by the plant.

Ok thanks. Sounds like sound advice

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Is a 5" pot too big to start the plant?

I use peat pods - Root Naturally Super 42mm Peat Pellets - 100 Count
I use distilled water only. I use little cups like at the dentist office. I soak pod in as much water as size of pod expanded (about 1"). After a few minutes and they expand, I poke hole in center halfway down. That is where I place my germinated seed (paper towel / coffee filter method). Once the seed is placed in the pod (I leave the seed attached to the tail so I have something to grab) tail down, I place under my seed starter light (any simple led works). I use the Aero grow (cheap one) just to get them going. I pick them up to determine when to water. You can feel the weight easily and I give small amount of water just to wet it. Usually once a day. You can also see the leaves start to bend over when they need water. Only DISTILLED! Buy a gallon of distilled water and use a small water bottle with like a sport tip to water. If there is standing water after watering, I spill it out. When I have 3 nodes, or the roots are coming through the pod, it is time to plant.
By your pic, get the domes OFF. Move the light closer so they don’t stretch as much. If the light was closer, you would get true leaves and first node before the stem got that long. When I get long stems, I usually place the pod in a cup and use crumpled dry leaves to support the stem until it grows more and firms up. Water from the sides so the leaves really do not get wet. As you start to move to 2nd, 3rd node, as long as light is ok, they will start to thicken. When I plant I remove the leaves so pod is even with soil / medium.
This is Girl Scout cookie auto I started 5 days ago (that is putting the seed in coffee filter to sprout. I do not use paper towel as the root can stick to it. I use paper towel under the coffee filter to hold better moisture, place in dark warm area, 24 / 30 hrs later I have tails on my seeds, after a 12-24 hour Peroxide soak to start before I germinate.

These (2) will go to plant after I get 3 nodes or roots sprouting through peat pod. Then I can consider nutrients / ph / etc

I usually go to 3" peat cup or 1 gal cloth bag. 5" is not too big just watch roots so you replant on time. Sometimes I go from peat pod right to final container or garden (depends on time of year). I grow outdoors so I use 40L / 50L pots for my feminized plants. I use 5gal cloth bags for my autos as I grow them now outdoors. I can take them in if temps drop too much but we pretty much get to the 60/70’s during the day here in Las Vegas, almost all winter long. In Vegas, It is still in in the high 90’sF and 65-70 nights. A 5gal bag is more than large enough for what I expect. When summer rolls around and the days are longer, the bags get bigger or they go in my garden. All my fems stay in pots. Autos go in garden with my veggies

Those look great for only 5 days. My strain is Blue Dream. I will lower the light. Already using distilled water, but those cups seem to work great. I also have a seed heating pad along with the domes to keep them warm. How warm should they be kept? Removing the domes will make it difficult to keep above 70.

After germination I do 70/70 for seedling stage. 70 degrees at 70 rh.

The domes also help me retain the humidity (mist inside them). How do i keep 70/70 without a dome?

The most effective way is to use a hygrometer, a humidifier, a dehumidifier, and an air conditioner. If you don’t have access to these there are various other methods you can use.

Fans on buckets of ice to increase humidity and keep Temps down, buckets of salt or other desiccant to bring humidity down if too humid, a wet towel wicking system to increase humidity and bring Temps down. If you need any specifics feel free to ask but there are methods varying in effectiveness for all budgets.

I start my seeds indoors. The house temp is usually around 68-76 winter-summer. Add a low level lamp and they should be fine. Humidity - Do not laugh - I used to just use the towel method MSBuds talks about. To get seedlings started doesn’t require much. We ain’t cloning here. I do not know your grow environment so again, MDBuds covers alot of this in his response. I bought one of those little mini swamp coolers off Mercari (a buying site) for like $22. You wet the filter and small fan keeps the humidity perfect in my seedling area. I then move it to my cure box and add freezer packs (1 or 2) in the day (keeps things cool. No probs at night, stays like 60-70 with RH like 55-65 and my buds cure just fine. I get a little breeze, a little humidity, and much satisfaction.

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I just moved them to 5" peat cup prior to going outside. They will stay here until at least 6" tall
This is ONE day older

PS - do not discount the light. It could be Blue light spectrum is not strong enough / close enough.
watch this little clip from Dr Bugbee at the 4:33 time mark. He does a great job explaining and showing effects of Light spectrum on cannabis plants


@Mrb53004 I love that guy’s videos. Most of my knowledge about light spectrum and DLI came from his videos and research.

Me too. I have to skip through some of his anal stuff but his knowledge is the bomb. Boy, would I have loved a job like that.
My wife was a science major and loves everything about MJ. She loves to trace strains and cross them. She has this unique ability to know exactly what strain should go with what to achieve a particular desired result. She has been crossing White99 with a few daytime strains and BubbaFett to come up with some phenomenal outcomes. Her fav of late is Tangerine with BubbaFett. I have that CBD Red and 30:1, she can’t wait to play with that. She uses for medicinal reasons and has this instinct that is weird. She has derived a plan of action for her days from Wake and bake, through lunch, into early afternoon, then pre-supper, then after supper, the chillax and finally bedtime. I tld her she should write a blog and work in a dispensary, she would have a client list a mile long. She knows what to smoke for what.
I just came across a blurb that said a few colleges are offering Marijuana courses. Wow, how far we have come, aye?

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