Dr. Enzymes Spraying after hanging

First time grower. Just hung my girls and found some spider mite webbing. Can I still spray them with Dr. Enzymes? RH is 36. Temp 64

Any advice will be most appreciated.


Do you mean Dr zymes? It is an organic but I do not know nor have I read anything about residue. If it is just webbing and you have no mites or eggs, you can clean it off with a small brush…you do not want to brush off the thc (trikes). You can clean with peroxide but not the 3%…gotta go to pharmacy and get the strong stuff. It will change how the product dries and tastes…Dr zymnes is supposed to control mold and that would be helpful so your buds do not mold. If you do not have it on hand and have to order, check out HGCC additives…new products. I make and sell stuff exactly for this but I am in between batches so I could not get you any in time


Yes. Dr. Zymes. I have spider mites. Is it Okay to go ahead and spray the buds now that they’ve been cut and hung?

As i said, I know it is organic but I do not know if it leaves residue. Do you have it on hand? I would not jeopardize losing my harvest but be prepared for it to taste different. It does have MOLD agents so I would FLOAT my buds (try hard not to scrub, you will scrub off your thc/trichomes) and try to get off the mites / webbing. Usually when I dry, I use a negative pressure fan to not blow wind ON the plant but to exhaust and scientifically, I do not know why the air going over the plant would be any different either way…just an old school thing am not sure it it really matters or why…Maybe @MDBuds knows, guy is a genius…
So, basically, I WOULD…gotta get rid of the mites one way or another

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@Mrb53004 I looked up Dr Zymes and the ingredients and it’s similar to the L-ascorbic acid/citric acid wash that I make.

It can be used up to post harvest (ie bud rinsing before cure) without leaving residues.

The only catch is like with most bud washing is that it’s most effective to prevent and fight smaller infections and infestations. If mold/mildew has already tunneled in the buds you will need to do a full bud wash instead of just a rinse.

It also works to kill spider mites and other creepy crawlies so it should work for his mites.


@Mrb53004 as far as the air flow air flow is air flow. Coming or going it makes no difference. A breeze is a breeze.

I just personally do positive pressure for drying so that when the drying area is opened to check on the plants it will blow mold spores and other things out instead of suckling them in. That’s really the only benefit to positive pressure in the negative vs positive pressure debate in regards to drying.