Discoloration in leaves and soil

Hey guys, looking for some help. I’m 2 weeks into my first grow and 3 of the 4 of my plants look pretty good (I think) but one has lightened significantly and appears to be stunted. Check them out and please let me know what I can do.

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17533, pic 3 . she has differences. Is she a different strain than the rest, did she sprout differently, did you water her from a different container / mixture, is her soil mix different.
If nothing separates her from the others…then the difference is in her makeup. Even though seeds may come from the same plant, genetics going back to origin, can creep in and that seed grows a different plant than other similar seeds. I grew Lemon and it started up yellow but later got greener. It looks like she does not have enough Nitrogen (that is where the green comes from) but it can be an abnormality. When I sprout, I always plant 2 similar so I have a backup.
Let her grow and see if she comes out of it. If it is an auto, if you hit 3/4 weeks and she is flopping, let her go and get another in the ground. There is not enough time to resurrect auto flowering plants. If she is a photo period plant, after 4 weeks doesn’t catch up, you do not want to chase her, she will never catch up…


Thanks for the help, its an auto lemon haze. Same as the first picture, I started her first and added some myco but everything else was the same as the others. I’ll watch her for a few days and see.

Here is my LEMON auto - she started YELLOW!

2 weeks ago
This is one plant I DO NOT TOUCH…no fimmimg, topping, bending, chiropractics…nada
this was her a month ago - notice the first set of leaves yellowed out - she started YELLOW

Ok so maybe just a strain thing? That’s looking pretty healthy now

I had one do that out of my 6. She ended up producing about the same as the others, just ran 2 weeks longer. Even went into flower 1 full week later.

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Any idea why? I think I’m starting to see things bc the soil looks lighter to me also

No clue. I ran mine hard though and that strain will PRODUCE. I tucked heavily, and trained it alot. I did find that they like the flood to dry watering. And they drank alot during flower. I ran mine around 78dg most the grow, I think the longest went 11 weeks. Here’s the link to my grow, it’s pretty well documented.


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