Dehumidifier suggestions

im looking for suggestions for a dehumidifier for a 4+8 grow tent…who is using one and what size and brand ?

Hello Ali, and welcome to the forum! I use a dehumidifier with an automatic drain so it doesn’t fill. Peltier tech is also something I look for. It is lower heat and lower noise. Next I looked at the rate of moisture taken from air in a colder environment. I found that Honeywell and Frigidaire are better brands concerning dehumidifying. Also I noticed that I could not find one with more than a one year warranty. Eva-dry makes a small reusable slow pulling dehumidifier that I use a few of after a good watering/feeding of plants. I hope this helps find you exactly what you are looking for and happy growing!

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hello @Jram_13 i have never heard of peltier tech .im currently looking @ ideal air have you heard of this brand?

Yes, peltier technology is a patent part in the compression system, I believe. Of the dehumidifier states they use peltier technology, to me, it means they are willing to install quality parts in their machines. There are so many brands, it’s crazy. Gotta have a humidity reading on them and I also use a hygrometer to make sure the dehumidifier reading is true. Have you seen any with more than a one year warranty?

Sorry, I did not answer your question. Ideal is a good brand, I use them a lot in my occupation.
@Jram_13 im looking at this one the price is right

To me, that is more than you need for a 4x8. It is better to have more than enough just in case. Make sure to check filters and clean RELIGIOUSLY. Bugs and bacteria like to gather around the reservoir. It will also cause excess heat, being a bigger unit. That will help draw the moisture from the air quicker with warmer temps.

@Jram_13 im thinking of leaving it outside of the tent ill see which works best thanks for the advice. :+1:t6:

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I went with the ideal air brand. Largest I could get for my 5×5 room. Make sure you can route the drain. I ran mine to my humidifier and that has a drain hose attached to it.
This is where I got my humidifier kit to make my own from a bucket, i also added the UV water filter to keep the reservoir for the humidifier clean and free of algae etc.

Between the oversize humidifier/dehumidifier I am able to keep my VPD dialed in at all times. I can adjust the leaf surface temp by changing the height of my lights.