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Recommend organic blackstrap molasses. Have my own recipe which includes most of these ingredients. Start with 10 cu. ft. of soil first, recommend organic as well…, does great in raised beds, fabric pots, indo or outdo…


I understand. I’m basing on the memories of patients I’ve seen, not officially diagnosed.

I’m not questioning the process. My question was, “What if…” What if bats decide they don’t like it here either and drift away from wasting disease? Black fungus and molds are now thought to be occuring in “our” faces post COVID. Interesting, huh? I appreciate your humoring me, none the less. Thank you. :v:

PS: Rhetorical question: What should/has to occur before a diagnosis is achieved?

I hear you and I’m willing to listen. Please explain your theory, as well as, how it relates to guano? I would like to understand your view.

How it all got here is inconsequential now, right?

I was replying to “covid” which is very similar to MERS. I’m not sure how it got off topic but that’s how my brain works and we can circle around and get back to it…:dark_sunglasses:

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Mucormycosis I believe it’s called right? Can get it from any soil even with just vegan matter in the compost or soil, it is ubiquitously found in soils and even the air., even in the mucus of healthy people…so I suppose a mask would solve this issue with gloves and cleanliness. Yet it is rare to contract., “Watch for media scare tactics”…, Biodynamic farming requires the use of everything from ones property amongst many other things and they use composted shit, if a cave is on the property or you got some bats in a barn those that are certified in biodynamics would use that as well.:dark_sunglasses:, not certified in biodynamics but Chicken Nuggetz is “EPA” certified, I believe you have to go through the “DEMETER” group in Germany to be rightfully certified…, but if you have that cert your product goes up in value…, So watch and see if the money hungry people out here dont try and snatch that opportunity up…, Yet to be truly biodynamic you must Believe in esoteric concepts., so they will or the people may see through the fakers of the concept…:dark_sunglasses::thinking::dark_sunglasses:

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This does not define me. I do not watch TV unless it’s a movie nor do I retain my information via these methods.

COVID and MERS are similar, yes. I was running calls during one of the first versions of this disease. Add a dash of RSV and Bob’s your uncle. Each year we will upgrade our “system” while we evolve. Vaccinations help our evolvement or we wouldn’t be discussing it because it wouldn’t be here. Enough of us need it, so it has arrived.

Muco = mucus myco =. Relating to fungus -osis = condition of (Score!! I only had to correct one thing)

Definition sounds legit to me.

I understand needing to create a bubble from ones own “flora” in biodynamic farming. Makes complete sense to me since what is inside of me becomes physicality and it helps if they match.

As far as the “labels” are concerned, unless I’m doing something myself, you can call it whatever you want and if it resonates then I support it. No disrespect intended, it’s just who I am. I feel like we all run around attaching ourselves to labels to give us meaning externally to help us feel better internally.

I’m not motivated by money or trying to be number 1 in a land full of Numbers. If a label helps one find their place in the :earth_americas: or gives another a sense of belonging, then I’m all for it. Otherwise, I am the one who attaches meaning. When chasing money = idolatry (outside of religiosity)then I’m in trouble because my motivations are going to lead me astray.

The definition and judgement of others isn’t my job, especially when determining who the givers and takers are, I’d be surprised at my own arrogance at being a Creator responsible for such a thing not to mention that sounds too much like work.

All is my opinion, of course. The :earth_americas: has plenty of those.