Deficiency in white widow photoperiod

Im not a noob but i still cant tell the diff between mangenese, phosphorus and calcium deficiency… im not using anything special, just roots original and neptunes harvest tomato and veg. The roots doesnt display anywhere on the bag the NPK values.

they have been pale from day 1. They sprouted on the 10/31 and have been growing quickly

@metaridley your tops look good so even though you have this on the lowest leaf I would not change anything yet…she can have a calcium deficiency when that leaf was growing and now she doesn’t but that leaf was damaged and will not recover

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You want keep eye on the leaves above them to make sure it doesn’t go on up the plant

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The plant does look a bit deficient. First of all, overwatering can cause that.

Also you said you’re not a noob, so is this soil reused from a previous grow? It could be depleted or contain too much salt buildup from the bottled nutes.

Its new soil. I will just keep an eye on the newer growth.

Thanks so much… this is my favorite strain

I’m growing White widow right now & going through the same thing. Mine is over flowing with branches & leaves. I trimmed the hell out it 1st. Then I read they need lots of nitrogen. So the nutes they get have some but I added a supplement of additional nitrogen. I also started using molasses in the water 2 times week. So the store bought nutes take care of the macronutrients & Molasses covers the micronutrients. Mine are doing much better. Try adding more nitrogen :wink:!

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Sweet i will try it😀

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You need to becareful adding extra nitrogen when you are in flower

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If you have keip and molasses together one tbs of each or two tbs each if in flower

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I used 1 tbsp molasses only in gallon of water. Mine are Vegging.

I would add kelp to if you have it

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looking better!

Added molassis once