Critical Kush, Purple Thai, Gelato, and CBD

Just joined the forum and wanted to show the ladies in my flower tent. They are all veganic, under a SF 4000 in a Gorilla Grow 4x8. End of week 3 flower.

Let me know if anyone wants to see the entire grow setup.


I do. And you medium/feeding regiment. I am very intrested in doing a vegan grow. So post away. I already grow organically, including most of my own food, so a veganic bud grow is on my radar. I just finished up a grow and am about to remodel the grow room. So this will be a great time to try it. Lovely plants you have there by the way.


Oh and welcome to the forum @Veganbudz. Really glad you found us.


Welcome @Veganbudz. I’m interested in veganic growing as well. I already have a recipe for veganic super soil that I sourced here on the site. I picked up some vegamatrix as well. My next grow after I finish this is going to be veganic. I’ll be testing out that super soil mix I posted as well as using the vegamatrix in a hand fed coco coir hydro to see how they both compare to my organic living soil method using Nature’s Living Soil and Earth Juice nutrients.


Thank you @Rye ! These ladies are all in 7 gallon fabric pots with a local coco living soil. My base nutes are Down To Earth Vegan Mix, and I adjust the NPK with Cotton seed meal, Neem Seed Meal, Kelp Meal, Alfalfa Meal, Langbeinite for Potassium, Rock Phosphate for Phosphorus and molasses for the mycorrhizae.

The feeding schedule is really simple. I super charge the soil prior to transplanting the seedlings, then I top dress every 3-4 weeks depending on the strain. The Purple Thai is a hungry Sativa, I’ve been top dressing her every 3 weeks. I also brew Vegan teas every 1-2 weeks to feed the microbes in the soil and it keeps them happy. I water every other day.

These little ones are 1 week today. I have 2 Banana Macaroons and 2 Blue Butterscotch. One of the Blue Butterscotch seedlings is struggling but she has new growth. I can’t wait for these!
3 inch peat pots
Light: clip light with a 5000k led bulb
Heat mat

I have 2 Papa Smurph Sativas, and 1 Orange Creamsicle hybrid all in 5 gallon fabric pots. The smaller plant is in the process of Mainlining. I started the mainline to early and it stunted her.

  • Tent: Highdrogro HDG35
  • Light: HLG 225
  • Exhaust: 4” Hurricane Inline Fan&Carbon Filter
  • Air Circulation: 2 6” Hurricane Fans
  • Temp monitoring: Govee Bluetooth Thermometer & Hygrometer

Flower Tent
Here’s the flower tent setup. It’s not finished, I need another light for the other half of the 4x8.

  • Tent: Gorrilla Grow 4x8
  • Light: Spider Farmer SF4000
  • Exhaust: AC Infinity T8
  • Air Circ.: 2 10” Vivosun Oscillating Fans & 1 16” Wall mounted oscillating fan.
  • Temp monitoring: Govee Bluetooth Thermometer & Hygrometer
  • ProCo2 Bucket



Let me know how that Vegamatrix is. I’m sure it’s top notch nutrients considering it’s Kyle Kushmans line. I’ll be picking some up the vegamatrix gallon kit as soon as I finish these down to earth nutes :tired_face::joy:

Thanks for the welcome guys! Looking forward to seeing everyones grows.


I’ll let you know for sure. My current grow only has about 6 more weeks left then I’ll be starting my comparison grow. 2 strains with 3 different methods so I can do a side by side comparison.


Since the topic is mentioned here several times can someone explain what a vegan grow is?

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@Jared a veganic grow is a grow where you use organic vegan nutrients free of animal by-products.

It supposedly has more bioavailable nutrients for plants and should be more sustainable long term. It also reduces the amount of heavy metals and other contaminants you can get in your plants from using manures and animal products as sources of nitrogen and other nutrients.

The only animal product that can be used is vermicompost, but that is up for debate. Some vegans and veganic growers say vermicompost is acceptable as long as the worms are free to roam in a garden bed as they naturally would, some say even then that you shouldn’t use vermicompost. I choose to agree with the former.

I’ve done a lot of research into this and it does seem to increase sustainability with lower long term costs but it has a higher startup cost when you account for the composting supplies and seeds you would need to buy to source your own vegan materials to make amendments like alfalfa meal etc…

Once it gets going though you just chop and drop everything you’re not using for compost and amendments to replenish the top soil just like no till gardening. Harvest your seeds for the next grows. Rotate crops like the old days. It pays for itself long term and fixes the soil on your land.

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Lol guess i have been vegan farming all along and never knew it. (Wait untill i tell my vegan daughter. Boy the arguments we have got in over that.) I have been practicing hoogleculture and cover croping and mulching with tree tips for all my garden vegetables for years now.


Same here, never knew just making my own soil from leaves, grass, etc would be considered so “healthy”. I just consider it free and natural.