Crawling flying what the…

It started out with teeny bugs crawling in my happy frog soil and now they like to hang around the soil but are flying. They almost look like a fruit fly but smaller. Can someone please tell me what these are and how to completely get rid of them?

Gnats is what you have neem oil fly strips work well

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Help! Fungus gnats

Here is the combined thread knowledge on fungus knats. There is a lot of ways to kill them. The good news is they are annoying as hell when the fly in your face, but as far as pest go you are golden. They are pretty minor and easy to fix. I am a fan of the BT (Bacillus thuringiensis). It’s a common soil bacteria that kills the knats when in high concentrations. The Israeli variant seems to kill ‘em better if you try this route. (It’s also the active ingredient in mosquito dunks if you have even seen or used those).

Unfortunately, those gnats are common hitchhikers in organic blend and non organic blend soils.


@sweetnsassy Use some sticky fruit fly inserts that are for knats and flys. Also get some of the old sticky fly catchers that are designed to be hung and Neem Oil. Problem solved.

Don’t forget about D-E it will help in your pots when they hatch it cuts wing and smother them to death

Thank You all so much for your help.

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How’d you make out? I have some of the little buggers in my grow. I started by using a mainly sulfur product on the soil because it also lowers pH, and I needed that, but it wasn’t very effective, so today I hit them with the good stuff: Captain Jack’s Dead Bug. Organic and safe (I use it on my fruits and vegetables…just give them a couple of days before you harvest and best if you don’t use it near the harvest time at all). Gnats are not listed on the label as one of the bugs it kills, but it has such a wide range that I expect it will do the job. I’ll let you know.

UPDATE: The Captain Jack did the trick. The active ingredient is Spinosad, a bacteria like BT, and organic.