Compare Blueberry auto and GSC auto?

Hello folks. Been a while since I’ve posted, as life gets in the way of all good things, but I’m back.

After several crops of blueberry auto, which I enjoyed, that batch of seeds was gone, and I decided to try GSC Auto for a change.

I started three seeds, one was a total dud, one popped nicely, and one took a bit to appear. So I replaced the dud with a freshly germinated seed, and the upshot is I’ve got three plants spanning almost two weeks sprouting time in the tent.

As I said, many distractions, no time to babysit them, led to a spartan routine.

Three gallon pots of FFOF, the FF liquid trio, SF1000 running wide open, 24 hours a day, keeping temps in the 70s, going easy on the water.

As the pics show, I use pipe cleaners to tie them down.

Pic is age 3-5 weeks.

QUESTION: Anyone have experience with both bby auto and gsc auto? comparison?

Also please note, I’m legally blind, so I won’t be insulted if there is something that I didn’t notice. Please do comment.

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Look healthy to me :yin_yang:

Hello, I grew two each of BBY and GSC auto 2 years ago in a 2x2 with SF1000 supplementing with natural light on good days. Both are documented in HG Diaries here…

BBY in the back and GSC in the front. Yields were similar, a little more than an oz per plant. Both about 90 days from start to finish. IMHO the BBY was stonier.


Thanks. If I get yield like I have with bby, that
L be good. I’m running a sf1000 24/0, a change from 18/6. My bby averaged a bit over an Oz dry, so I’ll be happy if I hit that. I also expect a bit more cerebral high from what I read. The bby sure is stony.


Tie down with pipe cleaners?? I’m a noob getting ready to harvest my first 2 auto flower blueberry plants. What does trying them down do?

Tying down the stem so that the top is slightly lower than the middle of the plant encourages the plant to develop more than one cola, as the main flower cluster is called. Some folks use a net stretched across the area and tuck the tops under it. I use pipe cleaners threaded through holes poked into the rim of the fabric pot, then looped gently over the stem. During a period from about three to five weeks after sprouting, the plant tied horizontally, more or less arcing around the edge of the pot will sprout two or more additional tops. Once the stem had become woody, not so flexible, the tie downs can be removed, and the now horizontal trunk won’t stretch as tall, allowing much more even light exposure to the buds as they pop. These are around 35-40 days above ground, and only about 12” high. They will get very good light exposure because they’re relatively flat, and the light, a sf1000 running wide open, is only about 13-15 inches above the canopy. Notice the plant on the left, the top slipped out of its restraint early, so the top is a bit higher than the canopy, but you get the idea.


I must have missed that chapter in my book. Thanks for the information! I’ll try it on my next grow!!

Typically they mention SOG, or SCOG techniques, most often using a net.

I’m nearly blind, so the net making plants immobile doesn’t work for me. Tying them to the pots, however ungainly they may look, allows me to rotate the pots around, so I can access them up close for any needed attention with my limited vision, while achieving the same objective.

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Not for nothing, but I had a lot going on when I sprouted these seeds. One popped fast, one slow, and one not at all. I replaced that one, so all together, they are nearly two weeks or so from first to last, making it a little weird to figure out what week each is, etc. I’m treating them all the same, and only when time to chop will they be evaluated individually.

Meanwhile, my vision is really crap the last few days, so I was pleasingly surprised this morning when I could smell a distinct, non chlorophyll smell walking by the tent, and the room was uncharacteristically fragrant. I’m only using a 4” in-line super quiet ac infinity fan to pull air through the carbon filter, and I was happy to crank it up from the very low setting I’ve been using. Good things happening, :grinning:.


Eleven weeks since the first seed popped, ten since the last one emerged. I’m liking the terpine expression as the chlorophyll fades out of the leaves.


Update. It’s five or six days post chop, and since I’m out of previously cured medicine, time to raid the dry box. Just a tad moist, it nevertheless worked well when ground and run through a bong, using a torch to crème brûlée the flower. I’m happy with my nute and light routine, because it’s got decent potency and potent flavor and aroma. I get notes of tangerine, lemon, a back beat of pine, with a spritz of sweet citrus that are delightful I’d say it’s overall potency on par with blueberry auto, but more cerebral, less couch lock. A couple of bong rips will have the skull breathing, lol!