Compare Blueberry auto and GSC auto?

Hello folks. Been a while since I’ve posted, as life gets in the way of all good things, but I’m back.

After several crops of blueberry auto, which I enjoyed, that batch of seeds was gone, and I decided to try GSC Auto for a change.

I started three seeds, one was a total dud, one popped nicely, and one took a bit to appear. So I replaced the dud with a freshly germinated seed, and the upshot is I’ve got three plants spanning almost two weeks sprouting time in the tent.

As I said, many distractions, no time to babysit them, led to a spartan routine.

Three gallon pots of FFOF, the FF liquid trio, SF1000 running wide open, 24 hours a day, keeping temps in the 70s, going easy on the water.

As the pics show, I use pipe cleaners to tie them down.

Pic is age 3-5 weeks.

QUESTION: Anyone have experience with both bby auto and gsc auto? comparison?

Also please note, I’m legally blind, so I won’t be insulted if there is something that I didn’t notice. Please do comment.

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Look healthy to me :yin_yang:

Hello, I grew two each of BBY and GSC auto 2 years ago in a 2x2 with SF1000 supplementing with natural light on good days. Both are documented in HG Diaries here…

BBY in the back and GSC in the front. Yields were similar, a little more than an oz per plant. Both about 90 days from start to finish. IMHO the BBY was stonier.


Thanks. If I get yield like I have with bby, that
L be good. I’m running a sf1000 24/0, a change from 18/6. My bby averaged a bit over an Oz dry, so I’ll be happy if I hit that. I also expect a bit more cerebral high from what I read. The bby sure is stony.