Colloidal silver

Hi these are my own strain I’ve created useing colloidal silver 500ppm they are a cross of sensi seeds nl5×haze with grandaddy purple they are 3 weeks into flower after 10 day veg I’ve got them under a 600 hps and a 600 mh I use miricle grow for veg and Dutch pro in flower


these are my Xmas crop it’s banana zkittlez , and critical crack and I’m just waiting for n13 kush to arrive in the post I can see it’s going to be a messy Xmas lol


@Sid8ted Way To Go! mean bud machines

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and @Sid8ted Welcome to the HGForum

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Thanks man I’ll post some more photos of them in a couple of weeks see what progress they have made ,it’s a wicked site keep up the good work db

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@Sid8ted i’ll probably be showing a couple of winter time mountain grown Gorilla Glue #4 Fem.


@Sid8ted beautiful girls! Welcome to the community! We can’t wait to see these girls come along!

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Amazing plants. Welcome to the forum @

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