Co2 and fans on or off? ,

I have a 2x2 tent and have bought a co2 exhale bag. Now I’m unsure about fans. They need to be on but won’t the co2 get sucked out. How about having the fan on a timer with an hour on and an hour off. I’ve only plug timer no controllers or anything

Are your fans circulating within the tent or venting outside air? With the CO2 bag, you should not be venting outside air, nor should you need to. Close the vents and let the fans blow.

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IF you are referring to an exhaust fan I would hook it up with the filter on the ground to suck the co2 up and redisperse it above the plants so it can continue to fall on them. If you are referring to regular fans let them go as long as you are not exhausting outside the tent as Bushdoc said.

I actually called the Exhale company and spoke with the guy who developed it, I described my 4x4 set up and my concerns with the exhaust sucking it up, he told me that they suggested doing the following:
Put the bag on the floor of the tent and as the exhaust pulls it up it’ll go through the canopy, he said that the fans in the tent would help to circulate it as well, he also recommended hanging it above the canopy and turn the exhaust off for 20 mins, CO2 is heavier than oxygen, as it cascades down, the fans will circulate it.

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kinda like what i said, co2 is heavy and it needs to be recirculated or it is just being wasted.

Got you all. Ive a 2x2 with a 4" extractor and oscillating fan inside.
So. Either have the bags on the floor to be sucked through or turn fan off if placing above canopy. Is 20mins enough or would having hour on hour off if suspended? Thanks guys.
They need new air but is this just for co2. Makes sense if that’s the reason

I’ve been doing exactly that, raising the bag and turning off the exhaust for 20 mins, then setting it on the floor the rest of the day, I’ve left it off for 45-60 mins when I’ve forgotten to set an alarm.

When its time for me to use my extractor fan (ac infinity) I run my bag up above my oscillating fan. None of my fans point upwards below bag. Or if I do I put my bag on floor in front of intake with a 6 inch fan pointing upwards towards the leaves…this way the stomata can take that co2 in before going up and out.

U and ya fam put out Enough O2 wouldn’t bother unless u seal ittttt but that mee

There is just me.
I have my circulation fan pointing down with bag above.
I’ve put extractor on an hourly change as its also getting colder in UK. Light off during night.
It is sealed. A 2x2 tent.
3 plants
Skywalker cookies
And an unknown sprout I found.
I lost some seeds but this must be strong to have survived. Its the healthiest too. Suspects are strawberry kush or master kush. I’m calling it the unknown soldier… With reference to its strength and a nod to my fav band… The doors

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U just dumping it out wit ya extract on