Changing light cycle

Can a person change light cycle from 7a.m.on, 7pm off to 7pm on, 7a.m. off in late flower with no side effects?

One day (24hrs) is not enough to change the grow / hormone cycle. That does not mean the plant will not experience stress. I would go from Dark 12 to dark 24 then turn on the lights rather than go from 12 light to 24 light…know what I mean?


@Mbfree yeah you can but I’d personally just do a 24 hour dark period from 7pm to 7pm and then set the timer back on to turn on 7pm and off 7am.

More dark causes much less stress than extra light in flowering cannabis and you might even coax a beneficial stress response out of it like extra resin production.


totally agree with the above. change the light after the dark period doing 24h in the dark much less stress.