Change the light Cycle (HERMIE)

The only reason I’m sharing this is in the hope that it will prevent someone from making the same mistake that I did. As you can see the plant is pretty Damn healthy, but it has Hermie on me. The first week of flower was of course 12 on 12 off, lights set to come on at 5p. Then I mad the mistake of changing it to 8p during the second week, attempting to beat the heat and increased humidity. This is what could happen, HERMIE!

Looks like a Male plant to me! :yin_yang:


I agree with all those balls

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Not a light stressed hermie . . . 100% male.


Got a pack of What was suppose to be “Feminized” Photo Amnesia, Growers Choice, it was the last seed from a pack of 5. Have a pack on the way from HGCC this go around, gives me time to clean.

You have a opportunity to collect some pollen! :yin_yang:

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Yeah, got some Beans in from HGCC now so Im about to start a new run.

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