Cannabis Tolerance for Medical Folks

We all know we have Endocannabinoid systems, and that in time, they can get “over used-over stimulated…” and the medicines (RSO’s/Tinctures/Vapes. whatever) don’t work as effectively or worse.
For many people (especially Recreational Users) it is very easy for them to just stop all cannabis use and allow their endocannabinoid system to “reset” (Usually about 2 weeks to 1 month).

For many people (like myself) who MUST take high doses of both THC and CBD for Epilepsy, PTSD, Autoimmune illness, etc…We can’t just take a “Tolerance Break”, or we suffer horrible consequences that can include hospitalization (due to worsening of main symptoms- like Epilepsy, etc).

Is there anything we can do? Any “Strains” that we can work with to accomplish something similar? My main problem is that I have become “immune” to many of the strains that used to help with pain and/or insomnia, and for some reason even MORE sensitive to “sativa leaning strains” (I think because so many strains are 'Hybrids now a days). Hoping to hear from a wide variety of people of what has worked for you. Again, simply “going OFF all cannabis” is not an option for me.
Right now I am doing about 300 mg CBD per day (broken up into 3-6 doses) and THC about 200-1000 mg per day (depending on flare/pain/insomnia level etc).

With the change in weather my depression/ PTSD/insomnia and arthritic pain has been awful and my regular arsenal of cannabis strains is not helping. Thanks in advance for any assistance! Peace :peace_symbol: :seedling:


@kanashiihawk your best bet is to cut back on thc as much as you can and keep up with your cbd so that you can re-balance your ecs. Cutting back on the thc as much as possible while still dosing with cbd will help repair cb1 receptors and stop them from down-regulating and more will return.

Adding some exercise to help reduce stress even if it’s just a walk or whatever form of exercise you can do will help. It will also burn fat and rid your body of stored cannabinoids that keep your tolerance up. Adding in omega 3 fatty acids and other healthy fats (fish oils, sunflower lecithin, etc…) will help with this too as they are neuroprotectants and they also will bind with cannabinoids and help you process and pass them through your system.

To help with pain and inflammation with the reduction of thc to help you reset your ecs you can also include herbal teas high in caryophyllene. This stimulates your cb2 receptors and helps cbd rebalance your ecs as well as helping to control pain and inflammation. If you can’t find teas even just eating a lot of black pepper on your food will help.

Remove as much stress as you can from your life. Rest is beneficial and essential for recovery and ecs repair.

There is no ome strain that will help unfortunately (by help I mean solve your tolerance issues or be potent enough to be more effective) , but these are ways to manage without using thc but still using cannabis so that you can reset your ecs.

If you can find a really good cbd strain high in caryophyllene and make a good tincture or edibles with it using omega 3s and sunflower lecithin I think you’d have a great starting point to help reset your ecs.

It’s a damn good thing CBD tolerance isn’t a thing because it binds to cb1 receptors differently than thc. Also, cbd will become more effective again as your thc tolerance lowers and more cb1 receptors return to the surface so you can potentially end up using less cbd too just by cutting back as much thc as you possibly can.

I know this doesn’t sound ideal, but it is your best bet in the long run.


@kanashiihawk cultivars like cannatonic or cbd ac/dc are high cbd high caryophyllene.


Damn you guys are smart. Glad we are on the same side.

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