Call of the Wild

Ok, so it’s a wilderness diversion.


Nice work @GrnyGrows, did you do that? The second pic made me chuckle, saw a clip on the news the other night that the REAL sign of Spring has arrived, Grinder and Coola (our resident grizzly bears on Grouse Mountain, Vancouver), are waking up from their hibernation.

We all need diversions in our lives sometimes! Luv it!

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@GrnyGrows they look great. Always loved embroidered nature scenes.

I love making fun stuff. My machines give me a mental rest, which I need, often. Resident grizzlies… oh my.

I’m going to pull these into some sort of quilted hanging. Or maybe a big pillow for the deck.

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@GrnyGrows Yes they are orphaned rescue bears in an enclosure on a mountain. If you every make it to BC, you MUST go check them out. There is a gondola to the top (or a helluva hike called the Grouse Grind), and then hiking trails everywhere up there. One of our local ski hills, too! They aren’t tame by any means! But they are fed by Parks folks, and are a great attraction.
Live web-cam… Winter Web Cams - BEAR DEN CAM | Grouse Mountain - The Peak of Vancouver
It’s really cool to watch them play or eat or just lounge around and be bears!

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I wish I could sleep like that. Thanks for sharing.