Cabinets anyone?

As a resident of a relatively recent legalization state, I, and many others, rushed out and bought tents, tent kits, or ala crate build your own systems., and then, like a fourteen year old boy, realize showing off the new capability can have the effect of taking over the optics and ambiance of one’s abode.

After about fifteen months of growing, all of it autos, all indoors, I’ve figured out what I think are the minim7ms I need to grow my medicine. I’m just trying to chill out the optics, make my little apartment grandkid friendly, etc.

Trying to conjure up a cabinet system that looks respectable, locks, and is around 32x20x70ish inches. Anybody built a good one that is landlord or visitor stealth and quiet and odor controls well? Also thinking of a smaller, maybe typical tabletop high dual use drying box/seedling nursery. I can germ three weeks ahead of the chop, transplant into the main grow right at chop, and move wet harvest to the dry cabinet. The scheme would yield two plants every eight weeks or so. Thoughts?

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Ok, so I put the pipe down long enough for couch lock to disengage, and got to it.

The victim, a Walmart special, with Adjustable shelves. Add a pair of AC Infinity USB powered, three speed, super quiet fans, one sucking air in, one blowing air out. Inlet air is prefiltered, minimizing the dog hair additive when drying flowers. Output air is pulled through a carbon impregnated pre filter, through loose activated charcoal, and out into the world. The idea is replicating filtration of a big ass inline, scaled approximately for a combination drying box and nursery.

In nursery mode, adjustable, USB powered baby grow lights ought to be fine for sprouts.

In dry box mode, lights off, and the shelf stows out of the way to maximize drying space…

Sharp eyes will note I haven’t yet installed the clotheslines to hang branches on. I was focused on the filter. Carbon pre filter mat cut into a taco of sorts, stuffed upright into the wooden filter frame, filled with about 3/4 cup of charcoal bits. Two 1/4 turn fasteners remove the cabinet top to readily access the filter media. Thinking is I can reload the filter about fifty times for the price of a canister, and the filter is far smaller. We shall see how it performs.

Also awaiting stick on weatherstripping to light seal the doors, etc.

All in all, a dedicated dry box/nursery/ or dry on top, cure on the bottom?

Also thinking of simple yet stealthy ways to protect from the curious or sneaky. Thinking magnetic lock rather than very obvious key lock?

In the grand scheme of things not expensive, and beats looking at cardboard and dryer vent nonsense screaming “weeed” to all passers by.


@Northcountryguy I love it when a plan comes together.

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@Northcountryguy Nice Work!!! I have an architect friend that designed a house for a client with a hidden grow room once. I have always been fascinated with hiding in plain sight.

If you watch people, you’ll notice patterns. I grew up in a very rural area. We often hunted in woods alongside single lane roads. I never, ever took my keys into the woods. Can’t risk losing them. The trick, find a spot on the opposite side of the road from the car, up above line of sight. I literally twist tied my keys to a branch at arms reach above the path. It works because in unfamiliar surroundings, people concentrate on the path. They never look up. Back in the 1960s, often as not, dad would have a revolver on the seat in 5he truck. When he went into the store or whatever, he would toss a nasty old flannel shirt he kept in case he had to work on the truck over the pistol in the seat. “No self respecting thief would touch that sumb***h”. Such observations are useful.


Also, I want to say I’m impressed with the AC infinity fans. I didn’t even notice the brand until they arrived. No nonsense, classy looking, nicely wired, and vewwwwy, vewwwy kwiet. Im liking them a lot.

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I’ve still got to install the clotheslines, a pair of drilled out bolsters screwed to the underside of the top, threaded into parallel clotheslines of strong saddle cord, running the long way, at inch intervals, about half an inch down. I usually hang branches using stubby lengths of pipe cleaner as hooks, so I don’t need much overhead.
I did install weatherstripping around the doors to control air and light. Easy.
The filter seems pretty decent. I’ll know tomorrow. I plan to burp three jars and let them stand open in the cabinet a while. We will see how that goes. Worst case scenario I enlarge the filter. It’s experimental. There are no rules.



I used it to store a few cure jars that were under an end table, har. It was nice to move that dank into a filter trap.burped the jars for half an hour, almost no odor in the room with some seriously dank bud. Not sure it’ll stand up to a full cabinet of fresh cut flower. I may increase the carbon filter capacity before then. All in all, I’m pleased. I think the nursery function is gonna be awesome.

Oh, clothesline turned out to be super easy. I drilled parallel “post holes” in the underside of the cabinet top, glued in lengths of bamboo skewer to form a loom of posts opposite each other, and threaded it with zero stretch twenty pound fishing line, secured with a dab of superglue at each post. Viola! Instant clothesline.

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Update. I used the little usb powered LED grow lights on some seedlings, and they reacted oddly. Might have been too close, I dunno. I moved them to the main tent in proven light and they’re gonna be ok.
So jury is still out on the nursery function.

Dropped the middle shelf with the lights mounted on the underside to the bottom of the cabinet, stored some cure jars inside. No burp odor.
Cut a plant and hung it to dry. The charcoal filter is working, and I’ve got plenty of room for at least two more plants.

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