Build a soil grow box

Next grow I am searching for a preferred sativa for my patients so Acapulco Gold, Jack Herer, Strawberry Cough, and chocolope are the next 4 to be started.

Durban poison is a great medical Sativa. I cannot recommend it enough. It is sooo rich in terpenes and is quicker and shorter than most sativas.

Strawberry cough is a Sativa I know well but it is 3-4 weeks slower than the Durban every time. In my humble opinion. Unless you are looking for the strawberry terp regardless. I crossed strawberry cough to durban a few years ago and I finally have a nice mixed keeper. I don’t have any late flowers before I cut it down, just these early flower ones.

I have Never done the aculpulco gold so I cannot comment on that one. Khatru has grown that one a bit with some beautiful pics so he may have some tips.

I have grown jack herer a couple times (there’s a few cuts of this so it tough sometimes) and it’s great. But I might humbly suggest Cindy99 instead. It’s very similar and a much better medicinal smoke. It always seemed a few weeks faster with more intense trichome coverage. I didn’t check but I am pretty sure jack herer is one of the Cindy99 parents if my brain has not failed me.

Just a friendly suggestion no worries and happy growing.:scream_cat:

I grew chocolope probably 20 years ago a few times. It was long before I got scientific about growing and I believe a random apartment indoor under the basement steps grow. I remember it being pretty hassle free and dank. It’s one I should try again though. Thanks for the idea.

Ahh glad to hear all the suggestions thank you! I failed to mention the autos I will be growing in the 2x4 tent will be Durban poison glad to hear your opinion on that strain…I will check into the strains you mentioned for future seed purchases.

For a nice trippy trip Sativa Try Grinspoon by barneys farm. I did that a couple seasons ago and mine took like 16 weeks outdoor. So it’s slow as fuck. But It was really trippy weed. It gave me visual color enhancements like low dose of psilocybin. It was a very unique and uplifting joyful high. Here’s the description from the breeder.

“ A strain named in honor of an amazing Cannabis advocate, researcher and author, Dr Lester Grinspoon.

This is a pure heirloom Sativa which grows tall and thin. This plant requires a longer flowering time, but when mature the colas resemble compact green and reddish brown beads.

These loosely hang on thin stems and are dusted with THC crystals.

The buds give a lemon and sumac scent, produce a light smoke with tangy tropical fruit aromas.

Dr. Grinspoon offers an old school Sativa of the highest order, which gives a strong, long lasting, energetic and cerebral high.”

And my pic 6 weeks before harvest. I didn’t cut it until after thanksgiving. I cut it in a wind storm so I didn’t get a good last pic.

I thought I’d show you a pic from the breeder, but I figure that breaks about every copyright rule that there is. Cross site and all. You can easily look it up yourself. Awesome fire. It’s a good one off. I probably won’t grow it again for a while because it really tests your patience.

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I wonder how it would do in the tent sounds like one she would like…Cindy99 sounds good too.

Caregiver, do you ever give the buds a caregiver once over.? Quality control :blush:. Or are you in charge of growing the medicine as a horticulturalist only? As the name implies. Sorry to pry, just curious. I have only met a handful of people in life that just grew to grow and not consume.

The one I know the best just gave in to the topicals to combat her arthritis. She is in her 70s. She is a master gardener that works along side a local tv news celebrity garden character. She plans to never put it in her body with smoke or edibles. Her firm line is topicals. But she swears by it now. She can grow some nice buds :point_left:. And just gives it all away… I find her take on it so interesting when I see her.

I give most of mine away too, one guy can only smoke so much. I love a few drops of extract in the coffee too in the morning. But I definitely put a dent in it. Ha.


I am my wife’s caregiver as she has stage 4 cancer and with the chemo nausea, depression and the bone pain she supplements the cannabis into her daily routine…we were always partaking and now since where I am caregivers can grow I have taken that opportunity to do what I always wanted to do grow quality medical cannabis and help her without have to buy it on the black market or pay a ton at the medical dispensaries. I am sure I will give some away as I am happy to say I have a bunch curing…I will enjoy it too so no I am not just a grower…I will be making oils and eventually some rosin from the trim so all this is new to me but YouTube and a mentor have helped me tremendously I credit my success to the growing community which share a ton of info on youtube…funny one of the first videos I watched was Kyle k super cropping a plant…shocking if you are a first watcher but during my grow I did it too…thanks for the medical cannabis tips I will be getting both of those cultivars at some point.

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First of all, @Caregiver thank you for sharing your story. When I read it I was reminded that I’m not alone. This community here has helped me with more than just growing a plant.

My mom is a breast cancer survivor, and she’s going to designate me as her caregiver. My state has finally issued their home grow regulations so within a couple months it will be 100% legal for me to grow.

HGCC has Durban Poison seeds for sale this month. I’ve been really tempted to pick some up because like @Noddykitty says it’s supposed to be fantastic for growing outdoor, and a good medicinal strain as well.

One last thing - take a look at the estimated finishing times for those strains. Running cultivars with very different flowering times all in the same tent will present some challenges.


I can relate completely to your regulations sounds very similar to mine…we must be in the same state. I understand these plants will most likely mature at different times and I will have to make my way through it…I up for the challenge. If I grow outdoors it will have to be in pots or above ground beds I have not figured that out yet but will definitely be growing outdoors next spring.

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