Bug spray for gnats

Started making bug spray from ghost peppers started by taking seed from them and put in humidifier for 24 hours once all dry i will start cruching them and then i will try to pull oils from them



let me know when you got something going.

@Daddy1971 Reed,

If you recall, where did you get your ghost pepper seeds?

The ones I ran were from Amazon, (they were cheap) from a seller called “Ohio Heirloom Seeds”. I was not impressed. Most of them ended up as habanero crosses. I had 2 that were the proper heat level. Thinking about either doing some cloning of the ones I liked or ordering from a more reputable seed bank like Pepper Joe’s.

Im thinking they where burpees @CurrDogg420 i only got one to germinate but it done really well its still loaded down .im going to frist grind them up in powder and try that frist and go from there


@Daddy1971 what extraction process and solvent will you be using?

My preferred is food grade anhydrous ethanol and a soxhlet extractor.

If I don’t have my soxhlet I go old school with either anhydrous ethanol or anhydrous acetone in a glass mason jar and evaporate everything off.

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@MDBuds i will probably use 190 proof pure grain alcohol

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do you evap using heat or just open container?

I would like to be able to stay away from alcohol and ethanol if possible any suggestions

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@MDBuds are you using it for pest management, or just good clean fun? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :exploding_head: :drooling_face:

If pest management, what sort of pests, and how do you recommend using it?

@Daddy1971 Capsaicin is also soluble in DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide, supposed to be as effective for extraction as ethanol) or oils (not quite as good).

Smoked paprika and jalapeño peppers (chipotles). For my personal consumption, not OPM


you mean for extracts? If you do not like alcohol or solvents, move over to oils
coconut, olive, mct and even butter. And then after that, can always go to vegetable glycerin, vinegar or propylene glycol
for bugs…you know I got stuff for that but I am very interested in using some kind of pepper to repel

@Mrb53004 I use a rotary evaporator. I picked one up a long time ago when I was experimenting with cannabis distillation.

I’ll also do a normal heated evap in a double boiler if I’m not worried about reclaiming any solvent.

Sometimes if I want my extract extremely pure I’ll just let it evap at room temp and filter it every other day.

@Daddy1971 if you don’t want to use ethanol or methanol anhydrous acetone works pretty good too.

That 190 proof PGA would work fine too. It will just take longer to evap because there’s more water in it.

That’s why I suggest anhydrous solvents because there’s no water content to worry about.

@CurrDogg420 I use it for pest control and good clean fun (including making my own pepper spray and pepper bombs for home defense).

Pest control purposes I dilute it a lot. Food I dilute it as well when I make my own hot sauces. For home/personal defense I mix it with a carrier oil, an emulsifier, and then I pressurize it with an aerosol or co2.

As far as how much I mix for pests it depends on the SHU of the extract.

I aim to make my pest spray between 75,000 and 100,000 SHU. I use a system called The ChilliPot to measure it. So around the heat of a hot jalapeño and a habenero.

I use it for ants, spiders, rodents, gnats, flies, and pretty much everything else that doesn’t like capsicum. Does pretty good at keeping cats and large dogs and deer away too.

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Im going to use grape seed oil or virgin olive oil for my pepper spray still checking benefits of the two

So, from a woodworking perspective, you want to avoid most fruit, vegetable, or nut oils in your finish because they eventually go rancid. So the shelf life of those are limited. That may or may not be a concern for your bug spray.

There are at least 2 exceptions to that rule: citrus and walnut oil. I don’t think citrus would be a good choice, since the acidity somewhat neutralizes the burn. I use it in my sauces to sort of “Trojan horse” you into a hotter heat level. Walnut oil, well it’s not the the cheapest option.

Personally my choice would be food grade mineral oil. Thats my 2 cents.

That will probably affect the taste of your smoke or not, the best way to kill any pest with an exoskeleton is to use food grade DE earth, cheap and 100% organic and can be had at any hardware store for $6 bucks, I do not use neem or any pesticide on something you are ultimately going to inhale, de earth is a powder so to use u first must let your topsail dry bc it will not work if wet, you let topsoil dry and sprinkle the dust around all infected plants, you can wad up TP and dust ur fans, do NOT dust flower, leave for 72 hours, give a light flush check pH and you will be good, it will kill any pest with exoskeleton I even killed a case of thrips using de and a drop of dawn in a spray bottle to make leaves unpalatable like your doing with the peppers a drop of dawn in a spray bottle will have same effect, but with those gnats or fruit Flys de will kill them dead in 72 hours cheap and organically, most times those pests get in bags of soil at warehouse or at production, I use fox farm and before I start a grow put soil in my pots ( I run autoflowers) and put de on top of soil this way you stop problem before it starts.

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you can make a tea just using 6 teaspoons of crushed red pepper and 3 cloves of garlic and a quart of water let cool and spray away them buggies be running

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Im looking for all organic and shelf life i have recipe for ground up peppers and one clove garlic water dawn dish soap works well i want something i just grab and spray

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these are all time tested DIY bug fixes but none of them can be used on the buds / stigmas / pistils without harming, changing the consistency
You have to go to a nano micelle particle that will not affect them. Even the soap has some ill effects on the buds as it dries / damages trikes…even organic soap…the soap helps as a wetting agent, adhesion and DRIES OUT the insects / eggs on the leaves. It will do the same on the buds…works as a desiccant and that changes the plant.
I like and am interested in the pepper and even pepper / garlic as a deterrent while the plants are in veg state or for outside, grow a border of Chrysanthemum and Marigolds (natural organic pyrethrin (bug killer) and spray them instead to make a no enter zone