Bug spray for gnats

That’s what I’m looking for also for outside i don’t ever have a problem indoors but you put them outside they have a dinner bell on them

I’m going to try outdoor next season but am worried about that exactly. Aphids around me along with jap beetles run rampantly. My only answer is many many sacrificial surrounding plants and fruits. I just don’t want a breeding ground either :man_shrugging:

Bird houses is the best way to go i have them around my garden and I can’t grow cannibas in the open

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We have some bats/owls prevalent in the area. I didn’t think of them being of extra use to me. That is a wonderful idea, with fruit trees, especially my crabapples, I should have no problem filling vacancy. Thanks for the tip!

Yes they will pretect your property find bird’s that stay in flocks small song birds and all others and you can build bat boxes also

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Forgot you want bird houses where you can clean them when the birds migrate they come back every year

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