Blueberry x og kush or blue dream

Thanks, Doc.

When you tried DWC What nutes did u find to be good? What top 2 or 3 would be a good choice for H2O setups? Is there anything out there that doesn’t clog the pipes?

I came to a conclusion today, I’ve stunted the growth of my babies. I have bonsai plants. Which is ok with me because I figured I’d killed them before now. But it’s ok mostly because I grow/grew some good s**t. I mean it looks good. My pain is so bad sometimes that if u told me cilantro eases pain, I reckon I would smoke some!!! :v:t6: :smile:

@GOLLO I’ve always loved Earth Juice nutes. Their dry amendment line was good for hydro and soil. It’s called Verde Fire but it’s hard to find these days. The other Earth Juice one I liked was the Sugar Peak line.

Other than Earth Juice I haven’t found any hydro nutrient lines I liked. I’ll be testing out vegamatrix this grow though against Earth Juice and two living soils. Nature’s Living Soil and my own living soil mix so I’ll let you know how the vegamatrix stacks up to everything else.

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Yeah, I’ve downloaded the feeding chart. For what they charge, it ought to grow gold.

Crusader Rabbit and his pal RAGGS. Beanie and Cecil, Ricochet rabbit and droopalong, Tommy 7, Geeba Geeba,

Skyyyy piolet, how high can u fly? Lol.