Blueberry x og kush or blue dream

Guys im very sorry to bother you all. Im looking at growing my very first plants indoor and was looking at the Blueberry x OG Kush Feminized or blue dream

**Seems high in thc and yield just before i bought thought id get you alls opinion on room size for 4 seeds etc. Thank you very much for your time and help

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The strain is Indica dominant which means it should be short / bushier than Sativa strains. That being the case, 4 seeds,each one in a seperate 5 gal pot will easily fit in a 4x4 tent. As far as height goes, I prefer TALL tents so I can stand and just in case some of the branches decide they are going to pull in some sativa heritage, you got room for growth and to move your light up / down, room for exhaust/intake fan inside the tent, circulation fans, etc

Thanks a lot mike! Do you recommend the blueberry X og kush cross or the blue dream? Also about height would be ok i know the blue dream can reach up to 5 ft… 8ft tall tent be good enough? I just want to get the best out of them i can

That comes down to preference. I am a KUSH lover. I Like Indica and Indica heavy hybrids. I like growing Indica’s more becasue of their shorter heights and ease in growing. You are trying to chose between a Satiiva based strain and an Indica based strain. I cannot tell you one is better than the other but I prefer to grow my sativa’s outdoors becasue of their stretch. In a tent, I prefer auto strains. I would rather do 4-6 small auto flowering strains in a tent, have a wider variety and a product in 7-12 weeks. Photo plants take 5-7 or more weeks to veg and then an additional 8-10 weeks to complete their flower. The yield is substantially larger but I can grow 2 crops in that time and have a greater variety.
8’ tall tent is as tall as they get without a custom build. I have a 4 x 8 tent that is 6.5’ tall. With that size tent, I needed: Larger volume sir intake fan, more lights (I have 3 lights, waiting on my 4th, 3 bulbs (2 heat lamps, 1 red), a fan for circulation, a humidifier and an oxygenator (used intermittently). A starter tent is usually just enough to grow a couple/few plants. You can get by with a 4" intake fan and 1 decent full spectrum light, a fan. If you think you are serious about growing, go larger now or you have to re-invest and it is cheaper to go bigger than it is to replace with a larger environment

Thank you i think im gonna go with the blueberry x kush
Im afraid the blue dream like you said may get a hair tall… And a 4x8x8 i think will be plenty i hope for 4 plants maybe more of them im serious about it just new and want to do it right… But for me indoor is about all i can do right now so though the tents would work great

4x8x8 is a large tent for 4 plants. I started near that and store all my equipment and water in the tent so it stays the same temp as my substrate. Take your time to pick a decent light, unless you have all this. There are a couple of discounts from members here, like Kronic, Highigan. Many recomendations from experienced growers here with what to start with, low cost (see @DollarBill) effective, efficient methods of growing your buds

First grow? Run Northern light, a very hardy sturdy plant that is simple to run and lets most rookie mistakes slide within reason.

Thank you both yes my first grow… You think a 5x5 would work for 2-4 plants

Im for sure trying to look for the best lights possible!

Hey @snoleperd76 and welcome to the forum. Glad to have you! This is a pic of what im currently growing. All photos and this is a 3x3 tent. 5 plants total. 2-5gal and 3-3gal grow bags. Hope this helps with your decision.

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@GOLLO see what AJ has in his small area

Thats awesome!! How many ounces you all getting per plant when finished

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Wow, that is some grow.
I like it.
I like the possibilities.

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Welcome I am also a fairly new inside grower. I started with a 4 x 4 tent and it is plenty big. I started with auto flowers in 5 gal fabric pots and two spider farmer lights. Have had some good success for a newbie… good luck!

Also be very careful about newts if you are growing in soil. I suggest using none for the first month then about a third of what company says… Easy to burn them…

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Hey, Mike have you ever grown hash plants?

Hey Mike, dude the knowledge you lay down on us is incredible. I too enjoy the kush sisters. I have a Blackberry Kush that is growing amongst 5 GDP cousins. She was the last to flower, and now that she is, the GDP’s seem to have stopped their upward growth & they seem to be adding bulk to the buds. I don’t mean to infer they influence one another growing (or maybe they do), but her growth is so fast she has out-bushed & out grown all of her cousins in short period of time.

What is your experience with Blackberry &/or other Kush sisters? What is your fav Kush?

I never grew hash plants. I was always interested as I grew up and hash was much better than herb. We had Lebanese hash and Golden Hash oil. The only herb was Acapulco gold, Panama red, Thai stick and Mexican junk weed. Hash was preferred. Maybe one day, but it is hard to get past / through all these other strains I would like to grow. Priorities man, priorities. I am trying to pull 10lbs of s__t out of a 5lb bag if you know what I mean.
Favorite Kush’s = Bubba Kush, Critical, OG and SanFernanVall -at the top of my list
I haven’t done the Blackberry but I like the heritage - Northern Lights / OG Kush / some Thai (lemon), The Black / Green Vietnamese
I mostly grow Indica heavy strains for my wife and some friends. A few Sativa’s here and there for the daytime. My wife can smoke GG4 day and night. .

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Have u grown GG#4 as an auto? With what results?
I’ve never tried GG4. I’d like to try and grow some. I just received my BLUEBERRY X MAZAR seeds today, and I can’t wait to grow.

Thanks man.

I have gone through 15 GG4 auto seeds…must have been a bad batch. I have seen many people complain about them. HGC makes good on non-germies so I do not sweat it.they gave me points I liked even more. I got a ton of seeds so it can wait and I will grow GG4 Photo in just a month or 2. The LAST ONE (auto) has sprouted, came up deformed but is a week and a half old. I will see where it goes. I have done Gorilla Girl auto and Girl Scout Cookie auto (one of my fav’s). We smoked the GorGirl right away…it was sweet, nice stuff. The GSC are still flowering, I got 2 going (auto’s). They are very similar in effects and growth. They are easy grow. Leave them alone and you get decent return. For 10 weeks worth of work I should easily get oz or 2.

Have u tried any landrace varieties of indica?

Why do u think that most all of the seedbanks recommended by RARE DANKNESS (they provide jenny kush seeds) are all sold out of Jenny? Have u seen that with any other strains?
Curious minds want to know. :sunglasses: :v:t6: