Big Help Needed with Photos

Alright you guys let me know what Im doing wrong if possible… I tied them down again last night after about 3 weeks of them being free’d from the smaller plant ties they grew (broke) out of… IN the 3 weeks they outgrew the original ties they also went thru 3x low watering and almost died by the 3rd time… (also the lights are going off in 10 minutes for 6 hours, then i think they may need to be watered again). I have since fed them properly about 3x now and they have gotten much better… but still yellowing!

Prior to tie down the outside canopy looks amazing. ITs the inside I wanted to fix. I also got cal/mag and fed them all that last watering. I need to heal this yellowing before i can flip to flower. Also I believe Im being impatient but they havent stood back up yet! Im really worried they may be too old to stand back up?? Also broke the shit out of the two on the right but tied them back together at the base of their stems with zip ties… going to have to wait like 2 weeks for those to heal as well before flip to flower…

Heres a video hope this helps you help me cuz Im sweating on it now!!

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Hey @Sk8nGrow !

Nice to meet you.

Appreciate all the info and that you probably need some traffic to your video. However, it’s not conducive to diagnosing your plant problem. Would you please try again with still images? Clear lights, no blurple as it messes with some of us who happened to spend time around lights a lot.

Please let everyone know what you are growing, what your medium is, light set up, temps, humidity, etc.

Thanks for your patience!

PS: If images are a problem to upload, post link, please.

Lighting just turned off so I will have to wait for photos. The link is a private link only shareable to you guys here btw its not for views haha.

Im running a 4x8 grow tent with x1 1000w Purple x1 2000w marshydro x1 1000w Purple in that order in the tent. Humidity is at 45% and temp is 25 Celsius and can rise up to 29 max before cooling back off.

Im in 15gal all organic super soils and have been adding wormcastings, seaweeed, bat guano, and using an organic foliage spray after the few bad watering was killing off leaves.

I definitely topped and lst them all. They outgrew a 4x4 tent. I wish I flipped to flower months ago but once again, I must get them outta their stressful state before flowering!!

Not too hyped rn as I feel another 2 weeks before flower to allow them to heal is RIDICULOUS but at the same time I will do what needs to be done…

I was considering cutting their tie downs (lacking patience, aries traits) and cutting all the yellowing off them and flipping to flower now But believe i will lose about 25% in yield by doing so.


What if the stressful state is due to the witholding flower for so long? Think of it in human terms, you are either building up hormones or taking them away, either way is unbalanced.

Just how bad do they look?

Ive been thinking that too… May flip to flower but the stress is caused from the 3x i underwatered them they have made major improvements so far … they havent been getting worse i just think the tie down last night was aggressive and curious if anyone had experienced big plants coming back up from the the down how many days it took and what not.

Photoperiod plants will / can continue to veg indefinitely. When we save a “MOTHER”, we keep her for years. I pulled clones off mothers that I grew that were almost 3 years old. They did not die at the end, I killed them off as different strains became more desirable. They do not stress from being in the vegetative state

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Thanks for clarifying. … Decided to groom the small growth force energy to the top. I believe theyll bend back up gradually in about 3 days…

Only thing Im wondering as I did split the stem/main branch at the bottom several places on two of the plants as its been a long time since they were tied down, I zip tied them together and believe they should heal up… But my only concern is, and maybe answering it for myself, should I wait to flower 2 weeks while they heal up or will the breaks not effect the flowering? I believe it would. …

Thanks yall

you always let a plant heal / relieve stress, before changing the growth pattern. You also FEED after stressing to help overcome the stress. A plant should be healthy to start it regeneration process…whether flowering or healing from stress, training, injury. That can be 2 to 3 weeks easily…this aint just defoliation you are talking about

@Sk8nGrow kushman chiropractics and a good feeding with some silica after will strengthen and stiffen them back up so they can stand back up on their own before flower.

Only issue is with how tall you let those side branches get after topping you will definitely need added support when in flower so they don’t break off.

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