Best seeds/ strands / to grow in new england weather?

What are the best strands for new england weather
short season, cold fall,…?



Hi @Maya. Welcome to the forum!

I don’t live in New England, but my best friend does.

She’s had much success growing outdoors over the last few years.

She generally starts her plants indoors, using a combination of grow lamps and natural sunlight coming in through the window.

She’ll get a head start this way until the days warm up enough for her young plants. They’re usually just entering the vegetative phase by that time.

She’s had excellent results with several different strains:
Galaxy, Girl Scout Cookies, Acapulco Gold, Orange Critical and Tutankhamen as shown here!

She’s usually done in early October. Just like this year!


Hi @Maya! Welcome and hope you find the answers you need!
I live a bit west of you and strictly grow indoors due to the weather fluctuations, so I don’t have any recommendations - but I have no doubt someone will!

No sooner I spoke - @Khatru already had an answer!
This is a great place for this “hobby”!


Sour Diesel, Haze, and Kush strains will also do well :slight_smile: They’re naturally high humid plants like White Widow, so you can get away with the winds from the oceans as well as the random salts, humidity spikes, or thunderstorms! :slight_smile: Much love and happy growing! @Maya Welcome to the forum!