Beginner - yellowing leaves not sure if actions needed


First welcome to the forum @Dmizzy, gsld to see you.

I’ll would tentatively say that those look like older mature fan leaves and thats part of the normal cycle of the plant. I couldn’t see any other leaves with any discoloration.

Without more information it’s hard to say.

What strain?
How old?
What is your soil? And do you know your soil PH.
What nutrients have you feed it?
What’s the PH of what your feeding it?

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Whats up y’all! My friend has an issue with his plants fan leaves turning yellow and getting rust spots, and I thought I’d get your advice. Leaves are progressively changing as the pictures show. Let me know what you think. Thanks

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That looks like a calcium and magnesium deficiency. Supplement with some cal mag solution with your watering and make sure the soil ph is between 6.2 and 6.5 so the roots can take up the calcium and magnesium.

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Thanks for the feedback. Thats what I thought also. He’s been using 3 year old plant food that I’m sure has gone bad.

Do you know what brand? If it’s something like earth juice organics Verde fire mix or a quality organic line the nutrients have an indefinite shelf life. You just have to supplement and replenish the microorganisms like the bacteria, fungi, and beneficial nematodes because those will die off but the organic material is still good.

Chemical nutes on the other hand will expire and lose potency or change their chemical structure.

I second what @MDBuds said.

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Welcome Dmizzy! Looking like a a cal mag issue. Everyone who has previously posted is spot on. Welcome to HGCC! Can’t wait to see more in the future!

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The bottle didn’t have a expiration date, but it is 3 years old. It also seems like the numbers are high for phosphate and potash. I would never use something with numbers that high. Just seems like too much for the plant to take.

That chart is very helpful. Thanks

Thanks for the feedback

No problem man, n I wld definitely at least try that flower fuel lol maybe a low dose at first then increase if she dosen’t burn! Cld be like dbal steroids for ur buds lol

That’s a chemical salt nutrient. Those don’t usually expire if stored in a cool dry place. It is a bit high dosage though. I’d cut it down myself.

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I’m using floraflex fulltilt late bloom ripened right now on my grow, its 0-47-35. I have to cut it down to 25% of what directions say. Be very careful with any thing that stong, start SLOW and LOW.

Thanks. It’s getting close to harvest so I’ll probably just have him flush it and finish with straight water. I always was taught “less is more”, especially with plant food, but all growers want to do stuff their own way and that’s the beauty of gardening and “growing your own”. Even though his plants fan leaves look unhealthy, the buds are fat and loaded with sugary deliciousness. Guess we’ll see how it tastes soon enough

My last grow my suger leaves started turning yellow i think that its in there DNA now the plants know they don’t need them any more i have noticed it for few years now since i started buying seeds