Basic first try outdoor, any advice or tips very welcome

Hi, thank you for having a read. My name’s Josh and I’m finally growing my first few plants ! :relaxed:
It’s a very basic attempt, I wasn’t completely sure if I would be allowed to grow in my current living situation, so I didn’t invest to much time or preparation in case I couldn’t continue.

I live in Australia, and had a small bag of mixed seeds a friend gave me. I was told it was Big Bud, UK Cheese and ZSkittles. It was my first attempt at germination and I had a some success, 3 out of 6 sprouted. I’m unsure what’s what though.

I’m just growing in small black pots outside in the sun, some good quality seedling and cutting soil I got from the local nursery, and I’ve used some diluted Seasol blood and bone seaweed mix I’ve been adding with spring water. That’s as far as I’ve got though, I’m welcoming any ideas and guidance as what to do from here, the amount of information can be really overwhelming personally.

Some pics of how they are going

I’m kinda curious about the small one and if I’m doing something wrong , it’s very stunted in comparison.

Thanks for having a look.

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Bigger pots bigger plants how many gallon pots are you using and what type soil

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They all look nice and healthy. I’m guessing the small one is probably catching more shade from the house than the others. Looks like there’s a shadow creeping in from the right there.

@MrJosh Didn’t realize this forum reach out this far…each plant will grow its own way. You can control some of it but the rest is out of your control…genetics take over.

Well he could top them or tim and LST to get them to bushey to get more tops but I wanted to know what size pots to get a ideal on how big they are @MrJosh

Thank you for the replies ! The larger pots are labelled as 200mm growers’ pots, and I’m not sure on the small one. It was about 3 maybe 4 weeks ago I upgraded out of the plastic cups they started in.
They all get equal amount of Sun I move them about the deck in the day. The small one just hasn’t kept pace with the other two.
Could you please give me a guide on those tips you mentioned Reed, how to top them ?
I’m going to grab some larger pots this morning and I’ll pop up some more pics hopefully to give idea of scale .

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By topping you want to cut the top and you will have two topsScreenshot_20211227-215702 hope this helps and you can top each one of the other two tops then you will have four and so on but when you cut on your plants you want to feed them small feeding about week before cutting on them and let them heal before cutting again after the first top you want it to grow about 2 to 3 nods before topping but if it was me and you being new grower i would top the biggest one and let the other two grow naturally you be able to see the difference between the two

Thank you, I really appreciate that advice, I’ll try that, topping the largest one and leaving the other two.

I got new soil today, I hope I got the correct type, I went with a tomato and herb / vegetable soil. And I mixed it together with a little bit of the seedling and cutting soil they already have. Also some powrfeed plant food.
I took some pics with a 1.25L coke bottle for scale

The big pot looks like a 3gallon pot is the big plant did you just transplant the small plant only if you transplant need let it adjust for couple weeks is the big one you going to top did you only add soil to it

Hey again, bit of an update…

I was using a generic soil mix I just got from the local nursery, definitely not weed specific.
So today I went to the hydroponics store and got some fabric Geo pots, 15 gallon for the two larger ones, and a 7 gallon for the smaller. Also got some proper soil, Gro-Dirt Lite and some dark matter powder to help with the transplant.

I’m going to mix up 10L of water with 5gms of the dark matter, and gently massage the root ball in the bath to try free up as much of the old soil as possible.

I also ended up topping both the largest plants that same day, both seem to be doing well.

Here’s a pic from 7 days ago

Hi @MrJosh,

You will seriously stunt your plants doing that. There is absolutely no need to get rid of the old soil when you transplant even if it was crap. It will do more harm than good.