Back from my workcation ๐Ÿ˜

So I went away for 4 weeks and had my buddy watch my plants and for some reason he watered them and watered them and watered them to the point of yellow leaves and crusty leaves. I repotted them today because I didnโ€™t know what was going on with them. The soil was like a sopping wet sponge. I also did some trimming and added some sand to help with bug control.


Some SAND? Looks like you took the girls to the beach. Are we gonna have a beach party? Great idea to use sand to help drain the soil. Sometimes I go straight perlite, sand gets everywhere, like in the crack of your ___ when youโ€™ve been at the beach all day. Hope it all works out for you, they actually do not look bad at all.

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The sand is because the soil has flies living in it so Iโ€™m trying to kill them with the sand :joy:


I have never heard of that. We used to use sand when we over-watered. I know drier medium helps with pest control. For flies, thrips, mites in the soil, I have used: Diatomaceous Earth, Neem, H2O2 with dish soap (usually castilles ( dry the top layer of soil (sand) . Then make a solution of 1 part โ€œ3% hydrogen peroxideโ€ and 4 parts โ€œWaterโ€, let it rest for 30 minutes)), vinegar cup (pour small amount in small cup, saucer, and place near plant. Gnats go right to it
Please keep me posted, I would like to know the outcome. Good Luck


@Zomballz get some food grade DE (diatomaceous earth), when plants are in flowering be super careful about getting it on developing bud, however if you put that on the top layer then cover with sand youโ€™re 100% going to kill every gnat. Also sounds like he drained your soil of nutrients just add some earthworm castings to the top or blood meal to put some nitrogen and calcium back into it, as well as, add some Epsom salts to your water or feed to give your girls magnesium for the discoloration or fading.


I have never heard of this. Maybe I will try this if I have that problem again. #welearnsomethingneweveryday

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@Zomballz :laughing: 2 or 3 inches of River Sand kills the Hell out of bugs and Nats. the glass murders them

then right before you Flip to Flower put your Fungi on top of the sand and stir it inโ€ฆ river sand is good for cloning also