Autos dried perfectly! How do you dry?

Just dropped our drytents review! We love this thing! Works amazing! Dried our 4/20 harvest in just 8 days! Jarred up and curing for 4/20, what do you guys have on deck to smoke?? Saving something special?


I started making an incision along the stems hang for 3 days then jar with lots of burps

3 days? When I dry, I wet trim the big fans, leave the small stuff, get my dry area at 50-60Rh and 55-60°f…I use a fan but I exhaust the air. I do not allow it to BLOW ON the plants. Usually takes me 10-12 days to dry…then I trim off smaller leaves and begin the JARS…After daily burping (5,6,7 days) I add my boveda 62 size 8 to about oz of weed…the cure is minimum 2 weeks to 2 months…he 2 weeks is becasue we cant resist toking…lol…we definitely use it MUCH faster than we grow it…Dang, come to think of it, we went through almost 2 to 2.5 lbs in a year…just the wife and me


Hanged 4/9 Jared 4/13 , however I do burp a lot and move the buds once a week . I feel those little incisions speed up the hanging process …

Long term drying makes a Smoother on the throat bud, better tasting and higher thc


Just chopped last night

AND THE WAIT BEGINS… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:…this is where most of us go nuts

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