Autos dried perfectly! How do you dry?

Just dropped our drytents review! We love this thing! Works amazing! Dried our 4/20 harvest in just 8 days! Jarred up and curing for 4/20, what do you guys have on deck to smoke?? Saving something special?


I started making an incision along the stems hang for 3 days then jar with lots of burps

3 days? When I dry, I wet trim the big fans, leave the small stuff, get my dry area at 50-60Rh and 55-60°f…I use a fan but I exhaust the air. I do not allow it to BLOW ON the plants. Usually takes me 10-12 days to dry…then I trim off smaller leaves and begin the JARS…After daily burping (5,6,7 days) I add my boveda 62 size 8 to about oz of weed…the cure is minimum 2 weeks to 2 months…he 2 weeks is becasue we cant resist toking…lol…we definitely use it MUCH faster than we grow it…Dang, come to think of it, we went through almost 2 to 2.5 lbs in a year…just the wife and me


Hanged 4/9 Jared 4/13 , however I do burp a lot and move the buds once a week . I feel those little incisions speed up the hanging process …

Long term drying makes a Smoother on the throat bud, better tasting and higher thc


Just chopped last night


AND THE WAIT BEGINS… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:…this is where most of us go nuts


I hears from an acquaintance that after trimming you hang the limbs until they are almost snap dry then place into paper bags for about 2 weeks…then jar. My aquaintance had a closet with a small fan running the whole time.Thanks for all the information… I look forward to sharing with them😂

Is it ok to leave hanging while drying…then jar? Thanks much😊

years ago, that is how we dried…Many years ago,we just draped them across a flat surface. Now we know how SLOW drying and curing helps the buds.
You can hang till small branches snap. The paper bags help with mold and rh. Many of us dry in the refrigerator…takes me about 2 weeks, then I jar
you can hang, lay…doesn’t matter. Just keep an eye out for MOLD. I use my solution as a preverntative

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I thought so! I am an old lady now…:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: as you can see…I remember the good old days sonny!

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HAHAHA… I am the good ole days :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi! How do you stash it in the fridge ?

I just lay the buds on a plate…Prior to that, I spray them with my NOMO MOLD…it has a 2 week efigy and it takes about 10-12 days to dry the bud. Then I go right in to a jar for curing and burp / bovida 67%…till cured
I have 2 fridges so …no worries about everything smelling like bud…and it is the only thing OPEN so it airs

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What are some of the best manufacturers of dry tents and how much do they normally cost on average?

@moab1179 the company drytents manufactures the best dry tents. They’re getting ready to release their gen 2 I believe as well that has a few upgrades. Comes with multi-level chandelier style bud drying racks that you clip your buds on to, a motor to rotate the drying rack, a duct to hook it up to your grow tent, some charcoal for smell, and a basic grow tent. The og one is roughly 2x2x4 and costs $250 on sale right now.


Yup, thanx I peeped their website