Autoflowers switch from blue to blue/red?

I’ve been growing my White Widow feminized Autoflowers for 6 weeks, since germination, under blue light. Would there be a pro or con to switching to both blue/red lighting from here on out or…? Also looking for any LST tips at this point. Thanks in advance!


I would recommend tying down the top first
Give it a week then reposition if needed and start your branch tie down

Turns this
Into this

Tie downs for autos are definitely a pro…at this point bringing in your red tones wouldn’t be a bad thing…ill resize some pictures from my last grow and attach so u can see…im a HUGE fan of “Mr. Canuksgrow” on YouTube he’s got a bunch of auto videos on training helped me out alot.
Also check out Dr. Autoflower on youtube


Thanks a ton Skyler! The pics were from a few days back. I know I got started late with the LST but I tied them back a couple days ago.
I truly appreciate the advice. My first grow inside with dirt and definitely first grow with AF… but always get great advice on this forum.

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You were right… Mr Canuksgrow is awesome!

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