Autoflower seeds

Welcome Jram…haven’t heard the Kessil brand for quite some time. They were one of the leaders years ago but new studies found that the Green and Yellow spectrum is very important in the Full spectrum range and these lights concentrated on the upper and lower ranges.
Autos- you can run 24/0 but I prefer 20/4. I find the NAP time helps the plant be more resilient. Resilience can be as important as GROWTH.
A completely sealed room - make sure you get some CO2 in there, else where is it getting it from if the room is sealed?

Good Luck

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A bit of fungi for co2.

Also, couldn’t resist the deal on this new even spectrum kessil, I will have to look again for model, it is smart control with spectrum dimming capabilities with power dimming too. I had just installed quite a few for some indoor rubber trees and Norfolk pines in an industrial office lol, install and operation was great.

either a bag or 2 depending on environment size…or even get

and have a companion plant. Just make sure if you add the CO2, do not forget to get the temps up…

The model is c360, come with a pivot bracket, color and power dials, CATV hook ups for lighting control and a focus aspect