Autoflower question?

Autoflower is a 70 day plant? Some I’ve read went sooner. 2 of my plants will be 70 days next Wednesday. Others a day after to 3 days later from breaking ground. Will they take longer than expect? I see at least 2 more weeks on some of my plants. Hairs are still really white. This is my tent from 2 different angles. The flower is the 70 day mark is next Wednesday


I’m just enjoying looking at them and I am such a novice at autos that I don’t know if you want to listen to me, but I think it would be safe to say to judge your timing by the trichomes. Each plant is their very own little being, so they won’t all be ready for harvest at the same time. It’s like going to dinner with your extended family. It sounds like you already know what to do anyway, you just have to trust your Self. :v:t2: :heart_eyes:


@DDDDave Yea the package time is just an average, depending on many variables they’ll go a week or two longer, potentially 4 or more if they’re those Northern Lights type lineage. I always judge by a jewelers loupe and trichome color! :smiley: I talk about proper time to harvest in the new episode of the Homegrown Potcast


@DDDDave Way To Go Dave

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the ones you see surrounding the bud aren’t the ones you go by. You need a strong magnifying glass or microscope. So you can see the tries. Not pistols. The ones directly on the bud not leafs